Still sick, but not so bad. It’s a little tricky to breathe, but I seem to have managed to keep at it, regardless of difficulty. I’m not up to coughing my head off yet, either, so I opted to try a trip to the box. I had looked at the WOD last night and figured I might be able to live through it and should give it a go.

I had my handful of almonds before I left the house and off I went into the fog where the mysterious out there was hidden from view – all except a small slice illuminated by the headlights. Makes it a little more difficult to drive that way, but all things must be dealt with and I made it to the box without incident.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run but I only did 200 and actually ran about 180 of it. I have no idea what to do about this lack of stamina. My heart rate just takes off and I have to slow down to a walk or else I will slow down to fall when I pass out. That could hurt.

Next we did a pushup, inchworm, pushup, inchworm thing down the mat. I had no idea that mat was so long. I think it might be a couple miles or so from one end to the other. Then ten ring rows and follow that with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
15 minutes to find a max Farmer’s Carry. Distance is the length of the black mats.
20 minute AMRAP:
3 Rope Climbs
15 KB Swings 24kg/16kg
30 Double-Unders

Being unsure how much I can lift at all, I started with eight pounds in each hand. I watched others having lots more fun. Ken ended with 280 pounds, Ricky with 260. Candice did 160 and Cindy did 150. I did 70 which is more than I thought I would manage. It was fun to see so much weight traveling around.

I have always been told that three progressives equal one rope climb but today Christine said it was four. So, I opted to scale (I guess that’s the word I’m looking for) and keep it at three. I brought my jump rope and threw my gloves in my purse, too. So I had my hands protected. I had vacillated about bringing the gloves and I’m so glad I did. I used a 10# KB and should have used a 15# barbell, but hindsight is great. I don’t do double unders so I did 120 jumps. I managed three sets.

There were five people and only four ropes so Cindy started with the KB swings and rotated through. Just at the end when she was starting her last set of progressive rope climbs she got all upset. “I’ve been cheating. I didn’t mean it. I cheated.” She had the number four in her head and had been doing four progressives instead of the twelve that she should have been doing. No one killed her or anything but she kept mumbling to herself.

We all get a number in our heads and that is what we shoot for. That was my problem with the difference between nine and twelve. I wasn’t going higher than my head had planned.

What I need to do next time is move up on the weight for my KB swings. I’m stronger than the ten pounds and I need to inch upwards. The next weight is a 25# one and that is too big of a step, but I can do a bit more than I have been in that regard.

All in all, I’m glad I went and managed to put another one into the books. I’m even more glad I used the gloves, my fingertips are burning. I can’t believe I do this and enjoy it. I think I’ve lost my mind.

And I was dripping today

And I was dripping today