Yesterday was a great day. I felt like I worked really hard at the box. My outfit made me feel good because the last time I wore that dress, it didn’t fit the same. My weight hasn’t changed much, but the packaging is quite different and while I’m still “puffy” I’m no longer PUFFY, which is really nice. Then, after work, I had a massage and Tina worked on my bad leg/knee and got a lot more of the knots out of the abused muscle.

So I was feeling quite wonderful and then I looked at today’s WOD and didn’t even understand the words. So I went to Google and put in CrossFit and each of the moves and had to watch movies about what I was supposed to be doing . I thought I could figure out what a burpee pull-up was, but I was sure I must be mistaken. I was not.

So I looked at the WOD some more and tried to figure out for myself what in the world I should be doing. I can do a burpee, barely, but I can’t do an unassisted pull-up at all. I couldn’t figure it out and so I put a note on the board asking for guidance on how to scale. I knew that Kim had a 5 am class today so I figured she was already asleep by the time I looked at the WOD, but I was hopeful that something pertinent would be on the board this morning.

I have no idea why I was a little late leaving the house, but I was. And then, every single light was red, although most mornings there are no red lights. I did get a couple knee stretches in. It was below freezing out there so we had an option of a 400 meter run or a 500 meter row and both of the runners opted to row because it was simply too cold  for nice Southerners. Then Ryan complex down the mat followed by ten wall balls. Then ten sit-ups and dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
15 minutes to establish a 2 rep max Snatch Balance
Ground to Overhead 95#/65#
Burpee Pull ups

I worked for most of the time just trying to see how to drop under the bar when the bar was a PVC pipe. I then put a real bar up and I just couldn’t make myself even try. My knee is feeling better and I don’t want to mess it up. So, I worked hard at getting the form and then, tried with a bar. My squat did not break parallel. It didn’t come close. I could with the PVC pipe, but the weight, even though small, was just too much and I could feel the pull on my knee. I could sorta squat, but it wasn’t pretty. I did not try any heavier weight.

I suck at burpees. I can do at most five in a row but during a strenuous WOD, it ends up being 2-3 and then resting while my heart rate drops to a viable level. Forty-five burpees is really beyond me. I was thinking of scaling the reps to 15-9-3 and hoping I could manage that. Instead, the 5 am class substituted a jumping squat for the burpee pull-up and so I did that and kept the reps the same. I used just a bar for ground to overhead.

I managed 15 overheads before I had to rest, then finished them. I did the 21 jumping squats in two parts, but did 11 and then 10. Then I did 8 and 7 with rests and 5 and 4 with rests and managed to eke out the WOD in 10.33.

I think it is marvelous that people can do these extreme types of moves with grace and perseverance. However, I’m a Little Old Lady and while I am getting to athlete status slowly but surely, I’m not really an athlete. I know with CrossFit they will bestow the title upon me, but everything I do has to be tweaked so that an old coot can do it. I feel good when I can manage to find a tweak that is challenging and pushes me, but doesn’t crush me. Today, I feel good.