Yesterday was rest day as well as another visit to the chiropractor. My knee is getting better but I do not yet have Buns of Steel. I may have buns of weakened plastic by now rather than buns of overheated, ready to fray elastic bands. I was able to do a full squat today without it hurting and with paying strict attention to planting my heels firmly on the floor and keeping my lower legs upright and not letting my knee drift inward. No wonder it is so hard to do these things. I wonder how babies keep all that in mind when they do it.

I looked at the WOD last night and almost had myself talked out of going. Then the good me said to the bad me, “Scaled” and the bad me whined and the good me said something about promises and finally the bad me scowled and acquiesced and I set the damn alarm clock.

I have never run for distance. Ever. When I was athletically active, I played racquetball and there is no long distance in that little room. It is all a few steps and stop and after a volley, resting before serving. Nothing long distance at all. Today’s WOD was to run a mile. Divided and with rests, but it was still a mile. The good me talked the bad me into running/walking a half mile. I could do that. Theoretically.

I began the day with knee stretches. Then we all rowed 500 meters but there were so many people there this morning that we had more people than machines so Candace and Ricky ran. Then lunge down the mat with a medicine ball, but I just lunged and was very careful with my knee. Then ten medicine ball cleans and I managed a full squat, paying close attention to the whole heel/leg position. Then ten sit-ups and ten pushups and I managed all those. Dislocates and passthroughs followed along with some shoulder mobility stuff.

The WOD as written:
20 minutes working on Kipping Pull up technique.
-If you already have the Kipping pull up down, see if you can find out how many Unbroken Chest to Bar pull ups you can get!

4 x 400m Sprints
-Rest 1:1

Well, see why I thought going was just ludicrous. But, scaled, all things are possible. I worked for 20 minutes on not slingshotting myself across the room while trying to master green banded pull-ups. I would say have I mastered getting my foot into the green band but not so good on extricating myself. I did manage to get five pull-ups, then another five, then … and get this … seven. I managed to do seven. Then another five. And then thankfully that was done.

Now on to sprints. I can sprint maybe ten feet and then I’m done with the sprinting stuff. So I barely jogged and hoped for the best. On the first round, I managed to actually “run” such as it was, for about ¾ of the distance. Then I only managed to run half and walk half. But I did do all four rounds and didn’t do as bad as I thought. My goal was to do half the distance in less than twice the time it took Ricky, our long distance runner, to do the real distance. I managed that!

I’m glad I went. I surprised myself. I must be one tough old broad. I just wish I was really a hard ass so my knee would stop hurting.