Another start to another week and it was really difficult to get out of bed when the alarm went off this morning. But I managed to tumble out and get moving. I had a banana today instead of peanut butter and felt better. Maybe it was just the WOD.

First thing I did was to stretch my knee. I finally found a knee wrap that works and lets me move my leg and it seemed to have helped today. But the stretch also helps to release that tendon that wants to be the boss of me.

Warm-up was a 200 meter row and then 20 burpees while those with younger protoplasm jumped over a bar, I was lucky to get 20 burpees in. I didn’t worry about jumping over anything. Then 10 wall balls and 10 pushups and lunge down the mat. Finish with dislocates and passthroughs.

I was beeping with the entire dang warm-up, once I got my heart rate to show on the heart monitor. Then I got to do a WOD. Really, just really. I’m too old for this nonsense. I should be sleeping in and getting my beauty rest and saving my heart beats for when I might need them later.

The WOD as written:
5 round
Max reps from squat (body weight)
Max reps overhead press (men, ¾ body weight; women ½ body weight)
Perform the two movements back to back without rest. Rest a full 2 minutes after each set of overhead presses.
Score is the total number of squats and total number of presses for the five round session.

Apparently I’ve lost weight. I did put some weight on my weights for the squats and had five pounds on each side for a 32# bar. There is simply no way I could even lift my body weight, let alone squat with it. I am not yet able to even lift half my body weight, so I scaled all the weights. I do need to start pushing myself a little more on the weights, but I hate to get only one or two reps in. I’m not sure where to go with this issue. Looks like a time for a call to Craig. I’m sure he has an answer.

Since the press was to be less, I had just the bar. I should have put at least another five pounds on it and possibly done the ten for the same weight. But I couldn’t even do the bar alone the last time we tried this move so I didn’t know any better.

First round: 7 and 12
Second round: 7 and 10
Third round: 6 and 12
Fourth round: 6 and 11
Fifth round: 5 and 11

That’s 31 squats and 56 presses for a score of 87

Maybe I’m not too old and am just so awesome that it is difficult to get my eyes open and focused so early in the morning.

As a reward for being such a beast, I was given the vision of a beautiful sunrise on the way home. Stopped at a light, I could see Venus alone in the sky with the silhouettes of trees reaching up to greet the day. At the horizon the sky was a soft coral that darkened to deeper blood orange color while there were wispy smoky clouds dotting the sky. It was beautiful. It must be a good sign for the week to come.