I love writing and do lots of it. Because of the internet, many of us are given a voice which was not available when I was young. Blogs were supposed to be revolutionary and perhaps they are. I love having this venue for my writing.

Little Bits of History is separate from this, my personal blog. The goal over there is a daily post along of the lines of “what happened on this day” and the material must be accurate. I make a valiant attempt to leave my own opinions out of the writing. I know it doesn’t always happen because I am the person choosing what I write about and because sometimes my own feelings on the subject creep in.

This blog has been my space to write about my life. I have my Sister Saga here and it was great to have a place where people who love us could follow our adventure as were more or less incommunicado. I have used this space to pontificate on the glories and inglorious moments of life on this planet. Of late, I’ve been using it to catalog my CrossFit adventures.


I wanted to try something a bit different. Writing first person is easy. I think; therefore I write. I may think incorrectly or you may not agree with the way I think, but there is no question that I was thinking whatever I wrote about – at least when I wrote it. I am adept at blabbing in this method. The word “I” is probably the most used word in this entire blog (not just this post or this paragraph). This is a blog about me and my adventures and I’m okay with that.

But as I said, I wanted more or different. Writing from a prompt is something entirely different. It is something outside my comfort zone but not outside my capabilities (I hope). In order to try this new idea out, I created a new blog. Word Press made it easy to create even yet another space for writing and I jumped at the chance.

Prompted Writing may not be prompt. I’m not promising a daily post at a proscribed time (as happens over at Little Bits of History) nor am I promising any schedule at all. What I hope to do is find a prompt: picture, quote, or news item and then write something about it. There are often other blogs that give me a place to jump from and write about and those will be considered a news item.

This is a project and I have no idea how long I can make it work or want to make it work. I would hope that I get a few things published every week but it may just be a few times a month. In a perfect world, I would write daily, but I’m not perfect. There are far too many days when after a WOD and workday, all I can manage is Facebook and my writing forum and a few computer games to fill up the time while I try to not fall asleep in my chair. But there are other days when I’m energized and bursting with ideas.

Hopefully these energetic days will give me time and the internal desire will be enough to make me opt to waste less time in non-productive pursuits and give me the boost I need to write creatively. At least, that was the plan when I started.