Happy last day of 2012. I’m unsure of the thought process involved, but I opted to get up at 5.15 to go to the box and I am supposed to stay up past midnight in order to see in the new year AND I’m now 60 years old. This was not the best idea, the smartest idea, the greatest idea I’ve ever had. But it is what I chose.

Craig got me a new CrossFit shirt I was going to wear to the box today. This box is an old Habitat for Humanity warehouse space. There is no temperature control involved. They do have a couple large fans available.

It was 28 degrees out there this morning. I’m unsure how this happened and my camellias probably didn’t like it. But my new shirt is short sleeved and I thought better of it. I put on a long sleeve shirt and figured I could, if needed, push the sleeves up.

I got to the box and was the only person there. Again. It is rather intimidating to be the only person there. I know people actually pay for a personal trainer, but they are (I am assuming) better protoplasm to start with.

Warm-up was a 400 meter row, Ryan complex, 10 pushups, 10 sit-ups, dislocates and passthroughs. I was warm, but I still had my jacket on.

The WOD as written:
Skill: 20 Minutes To Determine Max Toes-touching-wall Squats In 1 Minute
10 Minute AMRAP
3 Burpee Box Jumps
6 Pull Ups
9 T2B

I get dizzy with up and down movement. I can’t spin in circles either, but no one at CrossFit ever asks me to do that. But they do want me to move up and down. This exercise with the squats really forces one to not lean forward. I need to not lean forward. I wasn’t getting down far enough because my knee hurt so I did the stretch that Craig sent me with an immovable object, which is MUCH better. It helped. It didn’t hurt and I could break parallel.

Watching the wall a couple inches in front of my face was nauseating. Closing my eyes meant I was going to slam my face into the concrete wall. I kept getting dizzier and dizzier. I moved away from the wall. I turned toward the long axis of the gym. I was dizzy and nauseous. I was finally warm enough to take off my jacket. I did not roll up the sleeves of my shirt. I can actually do more squats but I couldn’t manage anything today because I was going to barf.

We moved on to the WOD

My cold is much better, I’m breathing better, I’m not entirely recovered, and I hate burpees. I decided to scale this WOD by doing burpees without a box jump, ring rows, and then I do knees to waist. I kept the numbers the same.

I got through the first round without stopping. I got the second set of burpees and a couple ring rows in and then beeped a bit. I finished that round and then I couldn’t stand the thought of the up and down and hopping around of more burpees. I tried to find some inner strength and gathered some shred of integrity around my swirling brain. I did the burpees, paused, rested, and forced myself to the next step. I looked at the floor and shuddered but finished the third set. I had less than two minutes left. I pulled out the reserves, found some awesome, and managed the burpees. I had about a minute left. I shuffled over to the rings and managed six. I grabbed the bar and ignoring everything but my counting skills, did nine. I had about ten seconds left. I was beeping again, only the second time for the WOD.

I laid down on the nice cool floor and panted. And then I realized I was gonna puke. I was at the back of the gym and there was nowhere better to be. At least I wasn’t on a mat, but on concrete. What a mess to clean up. But I felt much better.

So, I got my four rounds in and I’m home for the day. I might need a nap before our party tonight. I did get my last WOD of the year in.

Happy new year.