Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you. I was lunch today. Well, considering the time, I was breakfast. Perhaps, I was toast.

My left leg has been bothering me since last week some time but I keep trying to ignore it. It gives out under me and is basically uncooperative several times a day. I think it has gone on strike although I don’t see any picket signs.

Today’s warm up was designed to make us bond with our medicine balls. I’m unsure why we wanted to do this, but now we are one. Overhead lunges with a medicine ball, then 50 bench steps. This was just tapping the bench with your foot 50 times. Candace tried it like running and when she fell over, I asked if there was some way for the less graceful. If Candace couldn’t manage this without falling, I sure as hell couldn’t. I just alternated feet and tapped the bench. Rather like a step-up without actually stepping up. Then overhead lunge back up the mat. Then 10 medicine ball cleans, 10 air squats, then run (I walked) around the box twice holding my now infatuated medicine ball, and 10 gobble squats which we really had no idea what it was.

My leg balked at everything. I couldn’t get all the way to the floor on lunges, my squats were horrible, it was just not a pretty day.

The WOD as written:

Back Squat: 3X10 – absolutely heaviest possible each set, rest as needed.
Complete 2 cycles of…
4 round Tabata of:
KBS 24/16kg
*Rest 1 minute.
4 round Tabata of:
*Rest 1 minute.
Notes: A Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Complete 4 Tabata rounds of KBS, then 4 Tabata rounds of Burpees. Repeat this cycle twice.

I tried a back squat with 42# and did the first set of 10 going down to a 20″ box. My leg was on fire. I got a lacrosse ball and tried to work it out. Christine gave some rolling pin type thing to work on it. It felt better to try to help the poor thing. I tried one more squat and a fire shot up my thigh. I opted to not do any more of those and instead took an Aleve.

I used a 10# KB for that part and gingerly did some Frankenstein type burpee movement without ever popping any leg stuff and supporting most of my weight on my right leg.

Christine counted the rounds wrong so we only did 3 KB rounds the first time. I did 9-9-9 then we did 4 burpee rounds and I did 3-3-3-0. My heart rate was beeping throughout the entire 20 seconds I was supposed to be doing that last set and part of the minute rest as well. Second round we did 5 KB rounds and I did 10-10-10-10-10 and then for the burpees 3-3-0-3.

I’m not really sure why I did any more burpees after the first 0 since none of them counted. I despise tabatas. They seem to me to be stupidly constructed. As soon as you get a low number, stop trying. The theory is that you will learn to pace yourself and work to some attainable number. The practice is that you don’t need to try any harder once you get a low number.

My score, therefore is 9-0 which sucks. I’m glad my body doesn’t know what my brain does and thinks it worked much harder than is reflected in that score.