It was really, really hard to get out of the house this morning. Not because I was out of the habit, but because I forgot to sleep for a while last night. I finally fell back to sleep and then the dang alarm clock was making all that racket. Very difficult to roll out of bed.

My left leg has been hurting. We did a lot of squats last week and there were knots in my leg and it hurt. It takes a few steps for me to get full ROM in the dang thing. But … that is not a reason to not go to the box. That might be an excuse, but I don’t need an excuse. If I’m not going, I need a valid reason and this was not it.

Today there was a 5 am class so I was looking for some horrid burpees in the warm-up. But no. There was not a stinking burpee to be found. 400 meter run and lunge down the mat. That was it. I rowed, as always, and got about halfway down the mat when my leg was hurting too much. I got a lacrosse ball and rubbed out the sore knot places.

I finished the lunges down the mat with less pain.

The WOD as written:

15 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch.
“Elisabeth” (Games version)
21-15-9 of:
Power Cleans 135/95#
Ring Dips
For time.

I started my RM with just a PVC pipe to get the movement down. I then got a 22# bar and worked by progressions up to 32# but my leg was more of a problem then my arms. I got it stretched out a little better but it wasn’t all that good.

For the WOD itself, I stuck with the 32# for the power cleans and did the scaled ring dip thing between two 20″ boxes again. This time, I put my jacket folded under my knees since I now have some bruising there, I assume from the last time I did the move.

My goal was to scale the reps as well and do 15-9-6 for the rounds. I did that and finished just a few seconds after Candace, the only other person doing the WOD with me. I hate when I lower my reps too much and finish without putting in the same time/effort as those around me. I’ve only done that once and felt like I cheated. Today, my heart rate was high often but I really stopped with each beep and didn’t go sky high. My time was 7:39 and I was dripping wet and panting like a lizard on a hot rock while beeping steadily.

I got home and finally actually looked at my leg instead of just flinching and thinking I did something to the inside. I have a nice bruise right where the large lump is. Duh.