My day wasn’t quite as awesome as yesterday, but I’m still very pleased with my performance. I managed to do most of what I thought I could do when I looked at the WOD. And the part I couldn’t do was because of my own lack of understanding of the move itself.

My plan was to do stuff with a 42# bar again today. I did it yesterday. I tried it today. I wasn’t going to be able to manage the reps with that weight. I scaled back to 32# for my bar. However, when I really studied the weights for the Rx version, they were less today than they were yesterday, too. So it was my own misperception that caused that little blip.

There was a 5 am class today so somebody else wrote the warm-up. I can tell because there were burpees in the warm-up again. Christine does Ryan complex every time and there were none of those. But there were burpees. This was one of my “I can’t” places today. I’m not supposed to “I can’t” so I reworded it to “I am done now” instead of “I can’t do any more of these” and that seemed to be okay.

The warm-up was 150 meter row and then 10 burpees with a lateral jump, supposedly over the rowing machine, but that made us do burpees on concrete instead of a mat. We did a lateral jump over the little PVC built things. Well, I jumped a few times but mostly walked over it. Then another 150 meter row and another 10 burpee lateral over set. I did six burpees the second time and had enough. Next was a Frankenstein walk and I was quite ungraceful with this and nearly fell over every time and then a Spiderman crawl and finish with passthroughs. I was exhausted.

The WOD as written:

4 rounds for total working time of:
5 Shuttle Runs
15 C2B Pull-ups
3 Shuttle Runs
15 Push Press (115/75)
1 Shuttle Run
Rest 1:1
1 shuttle run = mat length
start shuttle runs by the roll up door which means put the bars by the door and finish the round by the pull up bars.
1a) 3XME UB T2B ā€“ rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X10 Reverse Hypers ā€“ heavy, rest 45 sec.

I can’t, or perhaps don’t do chest to bar. I mean really! I’m not sure what else to say except I can’t do those yet. I just gave up the ring rows and tried doing a pull-up with the green band. This is a skill that is beyond my capacity to perform.

My error was in thinking that the push press was the same weight as the power cleans from yesterday. They aren’t; they are twenty pounds less. I did a little less than half the Rx weight yesterday and little less than half today. So I did GREAT!

My goal was to do the walk/run part trying to keep my heart rate reasonable (I jogged the first five and walked the others) and do 6 band assisted pull-ups and 10 push presses.

At one point I dropped the bar from overhead and Christine said something about dropping the bar from so high. I explained that I was trying to follow her rule of no calling 9-1-1 before 7.30 AM. I didn’t release the bar, I actually dropped the bar and didn’t make any attempt to grab it since I didn’t want to get knocked in the head. She agreed that was a good plan and I made sure I had enough power to manage the last push before attempting it. I came home uninjured.

My times were 3:29, 4:15, 4:30, and 4:09. I never did the 1:1 rest because it takes me too long to actually do the round and we would have been there until Christmas and I have things to do. I rested until my heart rate was back down and I had enough oomph to manage the first five laps as jogging. My working time was 16:23 and I had about 5 minutes of resting in between times because my over all time was 21:09. I had pretty much the same overall time as everyone else, it just takes me longer to do the work. That is a consistent thing.

That next part wasn’t technically part of the WOD and wasn’t for time. I managed to do knees to waist since I can’t (and that means I’m physically incapable) get my toes to the bar. I usually manage between 5 and 7 of those. Today, to start, I stood on a box and had a better grip on the bar. That reverse hyper thing was also beyond me and there are only two machines to use and the other two people were better able to utilize them so I did 10 Supermans. I managed to get 9 and then 10 knees to waist and my hands were burning. On the third round, I got to 7 which was still amazing because I swear my hands are still on fire.

It may not have been as many firsts or extreme increases and I said “I can’t” repeatedly today. That’s because there are truly things I cannot yet do. What I can do is keep coming to the box, working hard, and get stronger. And that I do.

My times

My times