I struggle with my performance at the box. I belittle my efforts as I look around and see younger and fitter people. It is easy to forget that I’m old and out of shape when I see young and fit all around me. Or else it is just not very delightful to remember that I’m old and out of shape.

The whole reason for signing up was to get past that out of shape part. I can’t do anything about the old part. I’m trying to age gracefully and not sure I’m managing, but it beats (marginally) the alternative. So, I keep going back in order to ameliorate the out of shape part and hopefully help with the graceful part.

Today’s warm-up was a 1000 meter row, Ryan complex down the mat and lunge back up. My heart monitor was already beeping during the lunges. Ten PVC good mornings followed and after that was 10 pushups. I did my new in-between ones and managed to barely squeak out ten before my arms rebelled. Next was ten box jumps and I used a 12″ box with a 25# on top and jumped. I sorta missed one, but didn’t hurt myself, just knocked the box (not even the weight). Then dislocates and passthroughs followed.

The WOD as written:

20 minutes to establish a 1 RM Front Squat
AMRAP in 8 minutes
1 Parking Lot Sprint (front edge of sign and back)
10 Wall Balls (20/14)
5 Power Cleans (135/95)

I told Christine my goal was to squat lower with the bar rather than try to get weight on the bar.  She thought that was a good plan. I piled 3-25# plates on the 12″ box and did a squat. My elbows were not high enough and so I practiced a few time until my form was right. Then I took off one 25# plate and added a 10# plate to the top of the box, making it an inch lower. I did that. I took off the ten pound plate and squatted. I managed.

I put 2.5 pound plates on each end of the bar. I managed. I took those off and put on 5# on each end of the bar and somehow I managed. I wanted to practice the power cleans with ten pound plates because then I didn’t have to build little pyramids to get the bar to the right height. So I put the plates on and it was still sitting on the rack, so I tried it. I squatted AND I got back up. I had weights on my weight and I managed. This was a goal to reach by my birthday and I still have weeks to go.

Since I was feeling so frisky, I tried using a 10# medicine ball for the wall balls. I couldn’t power it all the way up to the line, but I asked if I was better off with the higher weight and working on getting it up to the required height, or just being a weenie and getting the smaller ball up to the mark on the wall. I opted to use the heavier ball and work on my power from there.

So I didn’t really sprint in the parking lot (in the cold and rain) but walked briskly and then did 10 wall balls with a 10# ball and 5 power cleans with 42#. I managed 3 rounds, I beeped a lot and ignored it some and my heart rate didn’t go over 180 (at least that I saw).

In September, I couldn’t jump on a box at all but stepped up and down on a couple plates. I used a PVC pipe for everything and barely managed that. I cannot believe how far I have come in such a short time. I’m still old. But I’m not quite so out of shape.