Another day at the box, but this one was later in the morning and so I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to get there. Ah, the luxury.

I had a massage after work yesterday and it wore out about ten minutes after eight this morning. I knew that was going to happen. But it felt good while it lasted.

Kim has a friend who can get her into Madonna concerts and so she was missing today, as she is out of the area being entertained. When I got to the box, there were more cars there than I have seen in a very long time. Mark was there, but his kid needed something and he had to leave and didn’t get to work out. Christine was there and some guy came in for a fundamentals class, so they were not involved with our workout.

So all that was left was Coach Karen, Lolli (the birthday girl in whose honor today’s WOD was made) and the little old lady from not Pasadena. So the participants in the workout were pretty much the same as usual, there were just more cars.

Warm-up today was a 400 meter run and although I could have tried that, I just rowed for 500 meters. Then Ryan complex down the mat, 10 cherry pickers, 10 passthroughs, which I did using 20″ boxes but Lolli really used the little plastic thingies (I tried but I couldn’t manage them), 10 pushups and then 10 dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
5 rounds, time each round

20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
rest 3 minutes between rounds

When it is a named WOD, you know you are in trouble. I looked at this last night and immediately thought to myself, “Holy shit” but I know that everything is scalable and so I just slept the sleep of the just and turned up. One of the first things I said after hello was, “How should I scale this?”

We decided that I could so three rounds of half the reps. So that was my goal.

I did the first round in 5:36  and was freaking amazed at myself at the start. I did all ten ring rows without stopping. Then it went downhill. I was so dizzy, nauseous, sick, and pukey from the up and down of the sit-ups and the squats that I was fighting to keep my protein shake down. Not using my best sense, I rested 3 minutes and started again. I only managed 7 ring rows before having to rest for a few seconds. Same thing with the dizziness with the squats. I finished that round at 17:46.

I told Karen I would halve the number of reps again, an option we had discussed before I started, and do a third round. She suggested instead of doing a full squat, I just do a dip but work to engage all the lower muscles as one would in a full squat. I did that. I was done at 24:26 and said I was finished. But as I sat there for the three minutes resting, I talked myself into one more quarter round so that I would have done three half rounds. And so I dragged myself back up and did more.

I finished the quarter reps and only did the dips. I did not feel so sick doing that. I finished up for real at 30:33.

The birthday girl was doing the real WOD using a green band for her pull-ups. She had just finished the third round as I was leaving. For all I know, she is still there. Happy birthday, Lolli, you rock.

I did look and my birthday is on a Sunday. I told Karen that today and she said we could do the WOD for me on Monday. I said no one was going to be there for New Year’s Eve and so …. I’m off the hook on that one.