I know better. I really do know better. My time inside the box has greatly affected my time outside the box. I’m more calm, more confident, and more centered. However, I forgot (momentarily) that my time outside the box affects my time inside the box.

Yesterday I had a great lazy day. I talked to my sister for 2.5 hours. I did pretty much nothing else. I didn’t even feel motivated enough to really feed myself. So, I ate crap. I fried up some leftover potatoes and has a plate of hash browns. I had a Stouffer’s Fettuccini Alfredo. I had too many pieces of taffy. (I really did not need to purchase the taffy; then I couldn’t have eaten too much of it. A bad choice right there.)

I drink alcoholic beverages very, very rarely. Last night was one of those times. I can highly recommend a Christmas Kiss (1 part vodka; 1 part Chambord; 1 part dark crème de cocoa; 1.5 parts half and half). I made it using just half shots of the booze and added more than called for milk since I don’t have half and half in the house. It was delicious.

I got to the box today and thought I was ready to go. I had found the WOD last night and knew I needed to bring my own jump rope because I don’t like theirs. I was ready.

The warm up was 1 minute of rope jumps; 1 minute right foot; 1 minute of left foot; 1 minute of double unders. Then we inch wormed down ½ the mat and for the second half we did jump inch worms. My heart monitor when off in the middle of this. Then 30 Spidermans (I did 15 at a time); 20 sit-ups; 10 wall balls (I got to 7 before my heart monitor went off which is the most I’ve ever done). Then some shoulder mobility.

The WOD as written:
3 RFT (rounds for time)

25 T2B (toes to bar)
50 OH Lunges (45/25) (overhead lunges)
100 Double Unders

I did 10 knees to chest (but don’t really get that high); 20 overhead lunges with 5 pounds; 30 double unders, but only multiplied by 3 instead of 4.

It took me two spurts to get the knees to chest and my hands were burning like crazy. Then I started the overhead lunges. I could only do about 5 until the room was going gray. I rested and tried to stand up. The room was spinning. I had to rest some more. I stood up; the room was spinning and going gray. I had to keep pausing trying to not pass out. My heart rate monitor wasn’t going off, I just was so dizzy and woozy I couldn’t continue. This up and down kills me just as much as spinning in circles.

I did pause, rest, regroup, shake my head, and try over and over. I finally got through the 20 lunges. I then did 90 jumps in two spurts. I then needed to do another round. I was so dizzy, I couldn’t stand up well. However, I finally gathered together enough strength to begin again.

This round, however, I did just lunges without weights. I got through the jump ropes and it was 19:40 and I was so dizzy and pukey that I opted to just stop. This could be thought of as a failure. But instead, I’m going to look at it as a learning experience. If I’m going to put the effort into waking up in the middle of the night and then go through the work of doing a WOD, I need to prepare myself and achieve my own level of awesome. I could have done better today if I had been a better athlete on my day off. On Wednesday, I will be better because on Tuesday I’m going to be better.

Not my best effort, but still impressive – I didn’t blow the day off.