Another successful trip to the box. It was successful because I’m not wounded and I was at the box. Both of those must happen to be considered, in my own book, as successful. If I can make my trips a success, I will keep going back and there is no way I can ever actually do the WOD, so I make up my own goals.

I guess that is either being proactive or self actualized or something existential. But really, it is just a way to make me feel good about this.

Our warm-up today was a 200 meter run in the dark, which I’m not going to do. I trip when it is light and I can see where I’m going. So I did a 250 meter row. Then we did a Ryan complex down the mat. I had no idea what it was. It is a lunge, lunge, squat, hands to feet with legs straight, inch out to a plank position, pushup, inch back up and repeat down the mat. I could do that once I knew what I was doing.

Then we did a sit-up, pushup tabata for four minutes. That’s 20 seconds of sit-ups, rest ten seconds, 20 seconds of pushups, rest ten seconds and repeat for eight rounds. Then we did shoulder mobility stuff.

From the website:
15 minutes chest to wall Handstand practice.

Notes: The goal is to find a position that is basically nose and toes to wall. If this is easy, then begin to try shoulder touches without allowing the torso or thighs to collapse against the wall.

1a) 3X7 Seated DB Shoulder press – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.
1b) 3X7 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 30 sec.
1c) 3X20 BB Stepups 20″ (front rack)– heavy, rest 30 sec.
1d) 3X7 Weighted Muscle-Ups – heaviest possible, rest 30 sec.

So I gracefully asked what I should do since that chest to wall handstand thing wasn’t going to be happening. She had me on a 20 inch box and kneeling on that with my hands on the ground, lower myself and back up. I had been using a 12 inch box, so that was an increase. Then she said, “Get up on your toes.”

I had one abmat on the ground in front of my face so I would have a cushion if I fell, but I wasn’t really counting on falling. However, up on my toes was something else. The top of the box isn’t that big and getting purchase with my toes was tricky. I just looked at the ground way down there and told her I was scared half to death. Coach went and got four more abmats and made a little pillow pile for me to fall into. I got up on my toes barely. She was happy with that. I wasn’t.

I got up on my toes completely several times. I did not fall off the box. Finally the 15 minutes was over and onto the WOD itself.

I could see the easiest way to do 2/3 of the WOD was do only do the thing twice instead of three times. My dumbbell weights were 10 pounds, I did my good mornings with the 22# bar and did the step-ups with the same bar. This was the place I had to keep stopping for my heart rate. But that’s not so bad. The muscle ups were modified for putzes. I got through two rounds of this torture in 14 minutes and 34 seconds.

On the second round, I was really having issues with pushing that ten pounds in each hand up straight from my shoulder. My arms were shaking like leaves in a hurricane. But I pushed through and got them up. I had to stop twice in the step-ups (only once during the first round) and I kept dripping on the floor during my modified muscle ups. But I finished it and came home without wounds and was successful.