Another day; another workout into the books. I looked last night and just sighed again. I really need to have more faith in myself. I’m doing more than I thought I could and much more than I thought I would ever do again.

I looked last night and saw this:
Every 45 seconds for 6 minutes (8 total reps):
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean (full squat) + 1 Push Press @ 75%.

Run 1 mile
40 C2B Pullups
For time.

My problem is there is no 75% for me. All I can do is the 22# bar. That’s it. There isn’t anything ¾ of that. It just is the baby-est thing they have and that’s what I’ve been using. If there weren’t squats in there, I would have tried adding on 5# on each side and upped the weight, but I wasn’t sure I could actually get both my fat ass and the bar back up from a squatting position.

Of course all that comes after a warm-up. And today’s warm up was a 250 meter row, lunge down the mat (which I’m able to do but still not very gracefully) and then 10 box jumps, 15 sit-ups, and 20 pushups. Then shoulder mobility stuff with the PVC pipe. I put my two 45# weights together and jumped. I asked Karen to watch, put the shortest box next to them, and asked if I was jumping high enough to clear the box. I wasn’t, but she suggested that next time, I had a ten pound between the two 45s and give myself one more inch boost.

After Monday’s adventure, my stomach muscles were really sore and Wednesday I was very grateful for no sit-ups. Today, not a problem and I could do them with ease. My form on pushups is pretty sucky and we worked on that a bit.

I did manage to do the three lifts with my 22# bar and on reps 2-8 my heart monitor was beeping for each and every push press, but it would get low enough before the next 45 seconds and I could do the next rep.

Since my plan is to do only 2/3 of each day’s WOD, I worked with my calculator last night. Rowing is easier than running and so you have to scale up by 25%. That means that for a 100 meter run, I do a 125 meter row. Since a mile is 1600 meters, rowing is 2000 meters. But last night I decided that I was doing 2/3 of that which is 1320 meters.

I did my row and then did 26 ring rows. Jason is a powerful young guy and the only other person there this morning. He did the mile run and did the actual 40 C2B pull-ups with the last 30 using a band. He got done in 12.28. I did my 2/3 of the work out scaled in 12.32.

As a side note: I was so panicked on Sunday when I looked at the WOD. I simply knew it was ridiculous and so far beyond my capabilities that all was lost. It was hopeless; it was absurd. Even on the days when I don’t go to the box, I look to see what they are doing. The WOD appeared on Thursday since Monday was someone’s birthday and we had a special WOD in her honor.

It was ridiculous. Jason did it in 33 minutes plus some but was wiped out. As I said, he is young and powerful. The rest of the day, they scaled it back to a 30 minute cap and only 3 rounds instead of the proscribed 5. Jason did the 5. Tough group there at the 6 AM class.