So a fat lady who admits that she is fat, even obese, gets a politely worded email from someone who has seen her on TV, which is her job. She turns it into a bullying event and castigates him on the air for four minutes and she has become a fat hero.


“Attacks like this” she says. “Yes, I could be considered obese on a doctor’s chart” follows soon after. She says the letter writer doesn’t know her but she is much more than a number on a scale. While this is true, it isn’t his point. He did not say she was a worthless person or attack her in any way. He said that perhaps she might consider choosing a more healthy lifestyle.

October is anti-bullying month and it is a problem. She is frightened “to death” about the increase in bullying especially as a mother of three young girls. Apparently cooking healthy meals isn’t much of a concern or else she eats food she doesn’t serve the kids. Childhood obesity is a much greater problem than adult obesity.

She shouldn’t have been shamed because she knows she is fat. Although his words were hurtful and she felt bullied, she has a “thick skin, literally as that email pointed out.” Her next statement is “That man’s words mean nothing to me.” But regardless of this, she has been cruelly bullied and the man is a not very nice.

I don’t know the man. He may or may not be very nice. I thought his email, while unsolicited , was politely worded. Perhaps he knows how unhealthy obesity is.

I saw this video last night having seen a link from Fark. The commenters there were more in line with my opinions here. Sometimes that makes me think I’m not thinking correctly. But then …

This is what I saw today in Dear Abby:

DEAR ABBY: This morning as I was wheeling my grocery cart to the “return” area in our local grocery store parking lot, a boy of about 9 had the nerve to tell me, “Don’t smoke.”

While I agree with parents who teach their children that smoking is harmful, I also feel they should teach their children to respect their elders (I’m 52) and to mind their own business.

Am I wrong to feel this child was out of line? — LIGHTING UP IN MIMS, FLA.

DEAR LIGHTING UP: The child was not being disrespectful — he was being honest. From the mouths of babes …

I don’t know what to make of this. Smoking is bad for one’s health. It can lead to lung and vascular disease. The kid was in a parking lot filled with cars spewing carbon monoxide fumes. You can lock yourself in a garage with a running car and kill yourself with those fumes. I’ve never heard of anyone smoking and having the smoke build up and killing them in a matter of minutes like car exhaust can.

The risks from obesity, according to WebMD, are gallstones, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, vascular disease, stroke, sleep apnea, and other conditions. In my experience, a lot of wear and tear on hip and knee joints brought many obese people in for joint replacements.

Of course, all of these diseases can be brought on by causes other than smoking or obesity. However, there is a longer list of health risks for obesity than there are for smoking.

So, what’s up?

It is perfectly permissible for young kids to sass a smoker because their rights are not protected. Everyone can and should hate smokers. However, fat people can’t help it. They are just fat and it happened TO them and they have no control but they do have incredibly wounded feelings if anyone mentions that they are fat. They are costing millions to billions of dollars in health care increasing the incredibly costly (world’s highest) health care system. But it is bullying to tell them anything they might not want to hear.

If you are going to pick on someone, choose a smoker. It is open season on them.