It is so demoralizing to always fail. And I’m set up for failure each and every time I show up at the box. Craig warned me when he first looked at the website for CrossFit Summerville because he knows I’m competitive. Everybody who comes to the box must be or they would not keep coming back.

Here there is one workout and only one workout each day. It is divided into men’s and women’s weights, but that’s all. I’ve been to one garage game here in Charleston and worked one in Hilton Head.  I don’t think there are prescribed and scaled workouts, I know there are. There are masters levels, too, for old coots. There isn’t just one at even elite venues, but there is just one at my box. I cannot attain anything ever as it is written. It is just one unattainable goal and will continue to be for months, if not years.

The only reason for me to keep going back is self motivation. There is no extrinsic attagirls from being able to write anything meaningful on the board. And there won’t be at any time in the foreseeable future. The only person benefitting from all this work is me, but I’ve been conditioned since kindergarten to work for the gold star. I am not getting any gold stars.

CrossFit Summerville’s class for today:

EMOM for 10 minute 1 Power Clean + 1 Split Jerk @ 90% (of 1RM Power Clean).
In 12 minutes complete:
100 UB Double-Unders

7 Deadlifts 275/185#
25 Burpees

Notes: The 100 Double-Unders are a “buy-in”. When the 12 minute clock starts they must be completed before moving on to the AMRAP. The TOTAL TIME of the entire piece is 12 minutes. If you do not complete the 100 Double-Unders in the 12 minutes your score is ZERO.

CrossFit Hilton Head’s class for today:

2 minutes of jump rope
Hamstrings. Hips. Shoulders. T-spine.
DE Day. 2 reps on the minute of High Bar Back Squat (HBBS) @ 60% of 1RM.
5 rounds of:
5 strict pullups
5 burpees (touch your pullup bar at the top)
5 burpee pullups (you may kip your pullups on these ONLY)
50m shuttle sprint
Rest :60
LII: Kip all pullups. You do not have to touch the bar at top of burpees.
5 rounds of:
6 negatives or 6 ring rows
12 burpees
50m shuttle sprint
:60 rest
PWOD MOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/G/Forearms. Hamstrings. Hip flexors.

What I did today:

1000 m row
lunge up and down the mat various methods – five different things
one minute of pushups
then I did the power clean and split jerk with the 22# bar as stated

two-thirds of the 100 double unders or 400 scaled jump ropes was 265 and I got them done with 30 seconds to spare, a heart rate of 174, and the room spinning.

I did get to the box for one more day.  I failed again. I’m pretty sure I could somehow manage Craig’s WOD, but those 12 Burpees five times look a little daunting, too. But I don’t think it would take me years to reach that level. It would be a goal I could attain some time before I die.

It is only my own stubbornness that keeps me going. I really want a gold star.