Nothing like being stupid in a public place. My mind has not reconciled itself to the fact that my body is no longer young. We worked at HSPU today which stands for Hand Stand Push Ups. That is beyond me, but I practiced a controlled move that would help me build up to the place where I can leap up and place my heels on the wall while I hold my body upright with my spaghetti arms.

I remembered vividly being able to do cartwheels and attempted to do one at my own instigation. I pulled something in my leg. My body remembers it is old even if my brain doesn’t.

I had decided last night that I need to push myself but not past what is reasonable. When I’m doing a scaled WOD, I’m still doing all I can do. Just because I’m not lifting 95# doesn’t mean I’m not working at my greatest effort. And when the big boys can lift lots of weight and run and jump and leap and be done in 13 to 15 minutes and I’m working my butt off for 26 minutes, I’m actually working harder than they did. I’m not accomplishing as much, but I’m working harder.

Let’s compare this to reading. If one of the grandkids and I sit down with a book and read, we are each reading. If I hand each kid a book slightly above their current reading level and I sit down with the same book in hand, I can read it easily because I’m a much better reader than any of the kids. However, if I’m reading a book on astronomy, I will struggle along as well. It doesn’t negate their effort for me to have to put in effort at a higher level, we would all be working hard. And none of them could understand an astronomy book, but some day they will.

I’m like that at the box. The big boys are doing the proscribed WOD and working hard. I’m doing something scaled and nearly dying and doing it for twice as long. I decided last evening that it was stupid and I don’t like being stupid.

So I gave myself permission to not only scale the work, but to scale the reps. I want to do more than half, so I opted for 2/3 of their reps. That was going to be my goal.

Their WOD today after all the HSPU stuff:

400m overhead plate run (45/25)
20 ground to overhead (95/65)
10 wall balls (20/10)
1 parking lot sprint
1 rope climb

Mine was:

300m row and then 90 seconds of bobbing in place with a ten pound plate overhead
15 ground to overhead with a 22 pound bar
7 wall balls with a four pound ball
1 parking lot walk (I really did try to run in here, but the whole cartwheel thing was just a bad idea)
1 progressive rope climb

My time was 14 minutes and 2 seconds.

I was working as hard as I could manage and was still the last one done. But by only a couple minutes which meant that I worked as hard as the big boys and feel like I didn’t manage to knock myself into next week with the whole WOD. I need to work hard, but for the old lady to work hardest is probably self defeating and not very smart.