I’m seeing progress. I am doing things I didn’t think I could. I’m advancing, albeit by baby steps, but I’m still advancing. I am moving in the right direction.

I looked at the WOD for today when it was posted last night. Rope climbs. Five minutes of climbing, two minute rest, five minutes of climbing, one minute rest, two minutes of climbing.

I can’t climb a rope. What it the world was I going to be doing. Sleeping in was an option. Sleeping in has been an option every time and I’ve not taken it yet. Why start today? Besides, Craig’s voice was back there whispering (in his mean coach voice) it’s all scalable.

I was up at five freaking fifteen in the middle of the dark and restful night. I was out the door thirty minutes later wearing, for the first time at the box, my I CAN Games CrossFit Hilton Head shirt. I thought it might make Craig’s voice follow me.

I didn’t need Craig’s voice. I had Coach Karen’s voice right there and it was perfect. I was the first CrossFitter there this morning and I mentioned I didn’t climb ropes. Coach had something I could do. All right. As long as I don’t kill myself I can keep coming back. I won’t be much use to anyone dead. As long as we all keep that in mind, I keep coming back.

The 500 meter row was actually easier than usual. I’m getting better at it. Used to be that 300 meters had me whooped. Now, 500 meters and I wasn’t even panting like a lizard on hot rock.

Then we did 15 minutes of stretching and warm-up stuff and I actually was quite warm and stretched in several different directions. But then, looming there in the center of the box

The ropes.

While Dennis, Jason, and Chris could actually climb the ropes like big boys, the little old lady had a different and yet quite challenging thing to do. Progressives.

I was on my back on the floor next to the rope with my knees bent. (The straighter my legs are, the more challenging this will become, but today was my first stab at this and I had bent knees. As I said, baby steps but still headed in the right direction.) From the floor, I had to pull myself up to a standing position and then let myself back down to the floor. Three times was credited for one rope climb.

During those twelve minutes of climbing I managed to haul my fat, old, lazy butt off the floor 24 times. That gave me the right to put an eight with the caveat of progressives after it up on the white board. I didn’t think I could do one and I managed to eke out 24. I’m amazed at myself. I didn’t really think I could, but like my shirt said – I CAN. Who knew?

My hands are on fire and yet I feel so good. The stinging is like a badge. I did this. I got off the couch and look rather like a feeble fool. However, no one has ever mentioned that. They all keep saying “Good job” or “Nice work” or other words of encouragement and praise. Pretty soon, I’m just going to be looking like a fool, but a strong one!