I’m definitely getting stronger. I’m not strong yet, but I’m headed in the right direction. I can’t believe what I was able to do this morning. I’m sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow, but I managed to do what I needed to do today.

I was the only person (besides Coach Karen) at the box this morning. That’s a bit intimidating because it means that all my mistakes are noted. And they are legion. Well, I thought all my mistakes were being noted, but as Coach was watching my arms, I knew I misplaced my foot and I tattled on myself. She was saying, “Good job” and I was saying, “My foot was flat” all at the same time. Cracked me up. I’ve never been very sneaky.

Today’s WOD was enough for a couple days. I really did the entire thing with my max weights. They weren’t what a more seasoned CrossFitter would be using, but for me, it was all I could manage.

There were three rounds of four movements. So A, thirty second rest, B, thirty second rest, C, thirty second rest, D, thirty second rest, start all over and do it all again – and then again.

First, (A) hand stand pushups. Of course, that was beyond the scope of my abilities. But I was kneeling on a low box, with my hands on the floor in front of me and doing pushups from there. As many as I could do before my arms fell off.

Next (B) was kettlebell snatches, but this time, they were one handed. I chose a five pound weight because I hoped I could manage that. I also brought over a three pound weight just in case. I did 25 kettlebell snatches with each arm and used the five pound weight throughout. Twice I had to stop in the middle of the 25 snatches because my heart was beating fast enough for three people. Three times, it was yelling at me on the 24th or 25th snatch and I didn’t care. And once I got through all 25 without hitting that 160 heart rate.

Next (C) was maximum effort (22 pounds for me) Snatch grip behind the neck press. That was for three reps.

Last (D) was maximum effort (again 22 pounds for me) Romanian deadlift for ten reps.

There was a 30 second rest period between each of these things and I managed to go from one to the next with only that, except for the kettlebells which just kill me and I needed to get the room back to white instead of being twinkly gray. So I wasted a bunch of time there trying not to pass out or puke. I managed to neither pass out nor puke so all is well.

It took me 26 minutes and 30 seconds to manage all that, but I did all that. It was a pitiful time and low weight. I am so proud of myself. I did all that. I just hope I don’t break my arm patting myself on the back.