When I started CrossFit, I couldn’t do more than one or two pushups and that was that. I had no upper body strength when I started this adventure, but it is getting better. Today, we did as many pushups as possible in one minute. First, I had a knee mat since I already have bruised knees from last time. Without my knees bothering me, I was able to do more. I did 18 in one minute. I hope to get to 20 soon.

The warm-up was a lot of jump rope stuff. Since I kept tripping over the rope on single jumps, we can pretty much guess how I did with double unders – that is getting the rope under my feet twice while I’m up in the air. All these moves look easy when someone skilled is doing them, but not so much when you try it yourself. I knew the double unders were still beyond me, but I really thought I could still jump rope. Not so much, I find out.

I could lunge walk down the mat with a little more grace today. Not quite perfect yet, but I can manage to move freely without falling over, without using a PVC pipe for balance … just lunge walk gracelessly down the mat. This is much better than when I first started. Baby steps. Baby lunges.

Our skill today was hang squat cleans and I worked more with a PVC pipe. I wish there was some weight between PVC pipe and 20 pound bar. When it is so light, it is easy to move wrong because there is no consequence or punishment as weight is poorly distributed. But the 20 pounds is a bit much for a little old lady.

I’m not keeping my elbows up nor am I rolling my shoulders. Both are important. But I practiced and got better. Unfortunately, I’m not sure my muscle memory is any better than my brain memory and I will probably forget the movement before I need it again. Hopefully, the re-learning will be quicker. It’s supposed to be that way.

Our WOD today included Burpees. I have never done one of those before so she showed me how to do one during the warm-up. The big boys did a Burpee and then jumped over a 24 inch box (girls only need to do 20 inch boxes); next was kettlebell swings; and finally shoulder touches. Those are with you standing on your hands (you can be against the wall) and pick up one hand to your shoulder and switch sides. The Rx was 14 – 21 – 28 with three rounds for time.

I did a much scaled version. I did three Burpees, but I really hopped my feet out and back and apparently that popping is important because it damn near kills you. Then I did a five pound barbell for 6 swings (last week the ten pound wiped me out and I thought it might be better to scale back, but I should have stuck with the ten pounds since the reps were decreased) and I was arched like the two sides of a triangle and picking my hands up from there for ten lifts. I did manage to do that, with a bit of resting after the Burpees (those are terrible) and did my three rounds in 7:18.

I have no idea how long it will take to get enough power to jump over a box let alone do it after doing a Burpee. The good thing is that I’m already getting better and there is so much room for continual improvement.

I am woman, hear my whimper.