The WOD for today was to run a mile. I work out at 6 am and sunrise isn’t until 7 am. Therefore, it is dark. It is still dark at 6.30 or 6.45 when we might have actually begun the running part. It was getting light as I left the building.

I can’t run far. I need to build up efficiencies, especially with the whole cardiac output thing. I was rowing and talking to Christine today and turned into a complete CCU nurse right in front of her eyes. I began talking about stroke volume and minute volume and then realized I was speaking in jargon. Medical jargon, something in which I’m quite proficient, but gobbledygook to the rest of world.

However, it did mean I know what is wrong. My heart is a muscle that is just as much out of shape as the rest of me. To pump efficiently, I need more muscular contraction pushing out more blood with each beat – that is stroke volume. When activity increases, more oxygen is needed by the muscles (including the heart) that are being asked to do more work. Therefore heart rate increases to meet that oxygen demand.

In order to figure out one’s minute volume, the stroke volume is multiplied by the heart rate. If I can get my heart to beat more efficiently and pump more blood, thereby increasing my stroke volume, my heart rate doesn’t have to escalate as much to meet the minute volume.

The only way for any of my muscles to get used to these new demands I am making, is to keep making those demands until the little buggers believe I mean business. So, the most important thing I can do is to keep doing.

Ryan, co-owner of CrossFit Summerville: The Anvil, has mentioned on Facebook that I need not worry about the “lunatic on the road running in the dark” portion because he can light me up like a Christmas tree. 😉 Wouldn’t that be a treat? I can see it now, some old, fat, slow lady bobbing up and down the darkened street glowing.

I have my work cut out for me. Best thing I can do at this point is keep going, keep working, and most of all keep having fun. So far; so good.