There were only four of us at the box this morning. Three virile men and me. And the coach, of course. So, technically, there were five of us at the box this morning, but I’m talking about those doing the WOD.

It was an “easy” day because there wasn’t that much on the board to do. Well, my first challenge was to finally figure out what I’ve been doing wrong on the rowing machine. My goal is to row for 500 meters, but it kept stopping about 1/2 of the way through. I finally figured out what setting to get to make it just count how far I’m rowing and not throw in intervals, whatever the hell they are. So, next time, I should be able to just row.

I still can’t run. I have a plan for getting myself to a place where I can at least run for the warm-up portion of the day. That is something I need to work on here at home and in the daylight. I’m uncomfortable trying to run in the dark at all right now and at 6 am we still have an hour before sunrise. That is a different issue and one I can remedy here. I have a plan and will begin with implementation soon.

I tried to throw a medicine ball up to the red mark on the wall. I had a ten pound ball and it wasn’t going to hit that mark right now. She found me a four pound ball and I could get it to the mark. The rest of the warm up was things I could do or scale. I can’t believe I can do ten pushups. I didn’t think I could do even one. Of course, they are just from my knees rather than my toes, but it is a start.

I can do one full squat getting my butt down low to the ground. That’s about all I can manage, but I keep practicing those here at home. I can do lots of them to a 20 inch box which is better than I could do when I first walked through the door. Progress.

I really need to get my behind to the top of that eight inch box, but as I said, one is my limit on that. So we put a 45 pound weight on it and made it a ten inch box. That was cool. I can get there without any added weight, just my fat behind up and down. But I still keep moving forward rather than pushing through my heels.

Our WOD for the day was a maximum weight back squat. The weights the Big Boys did were 255 pounds, 225 pounds, and 205 pounds. And when they did the squat portion, they really squatted all the way down.

Me? I did manage to do squats with a 20 pound bar to the 20 inch box for a few reps at a time. I kept trying with that and felt like I might have my balance okay. That’s because I’m not really squatting deeply enough, but at first, I would nearly fall over even with that. I’m making progress, pitifully slow progress if you ask me, but still – progress.

I decided to move the 20 inch box away and put the eight inch box with the 45 pound weight atop it in place. I tried. I nearly fell over. I tried again. I made one of those. I rested. I tried again and lost my balance again. Trying to put the bar back on the rack, I caught the edge of my finger between the bar and the rack and got my first boo-boo.

I already had a Band-Aid on my left hand from cutting myself with kitchen scissors yesterday. So, I have a matching Band-Aid on my right hand now from stupidity. Dueling Band-Aids – I’m such a serious athlete.

Instead of continually falling over with the weight, I practiced the move with a PVC pipe and know where my mistake in form lies. I really, really need to drive up from my heels and not let my body fall forward. Something to work on, another place to improve.

I have many successes today. The biggest one was not hitting the snooze button the alarm clock and actually showing up.