I should be quite pleased with myself on several fronts. First of all, I was at the box this morning. That is awesome in and of itself. Then, I was at the box at 6 am, which is even more astounding (and much more difficult on a day I could sleep in since I don’t work on Friday).

Next big plus – I actually shunned the PVC pipe today. It was used in the warm-up, but not just by me. The shoulder mobility portion uses PVC pipe for everybody. I wasn’t being a wussie. When the Big Boys were tossing around bars with actual weights, I was pressing with a real bar each and every time. I could manage two to four reps before setting it back on the rack.

I should be proud of that. I’m doing things I’ve never done before and I’m learning new things and not giving up. I have every intention to keep going. I’m the Old Lady in the class – scaling and sweating like the Big Boys who are doing proscribed WODs.

They were leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, tossing kettleballs around, and lifting heavy weights repeatedly. Their weight was 115 pounds on thrusters and 32 kg on the kettleballs – that is 70.5 pounds for those of you who don’t do metric.

My wimpy WOD was 5 stepups on an 8 inch box (both feet up and both feet down), a similar to a kettleball move five times with a ten pound weight, 2 stepups on the box, 2 squats. AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 90 seconds and then rest for one minute. Do five rounds of that. Holy shit, Batman. To score yourself, tally up how many of each thing; so one go through of this would be (for me) 14. I managed a score of 93.

I also managed a heart rate of 163 by the time I looked at it when I was feeling a bit dizzy. I am getting a bit better because it drops quicker and doesn’t rebound as fast when I go back to work. But I still had to keep resting. I didn’t top 155 again during the WOD.

I feel really good. I managed to get some score on each round, even though I had to stop to get my heart rate back to less than 140 each time. My resting was usually lengthened because just ninety seconds was too much for me (although on the first go through I did make the entire 90 seconds; I also had that dangerously high heart rate). I have to be smarter. Killing myself isn’t going to be very productive.

I have reset my heart monitor to start yelling at me for a heart rate of 160 so I won’t go over that again. I would love to have a strong enough heart to pump enough oxygen more efficiently. Baby steps. This is another one of those places it will take baby steps. Sitting in my chair did nothing to increase the efficiency of my heart.

I look around and see people who are so much more fit than I am. I said to another man there, “My brain thinks I’m still 30.” He replied, “Mine thinks I’m still 19.” Ah, perspective.

I did it. I’m going back. I’m getting stronger already. This will come if I don’t give up. Perfection cannot be my downfall. There is hope even for an old fart like me.