I walk in the quiet of the morning. The stillness is peaceful and gives me a chance to work out how I want to spend my day. I plan ahead while I walk. I also gaze at the scenery, Southeastern US foliage. The spring greens are beautiful.

I’m lucky that while I walk, I am surrounded by green space, luxurious plants, and sometimes wild life.

While it is possible to see the occasional alligator, I’m usually lucky enough to miss that type of encounter. I can see deer, wild turkey, geese, ducks, bunnies, and amazingly enough I believe I saw a unicorn.

I was walking where I didn’t belong – the golf course. But it was early morning before the first tee time. The verdant landscape was broken only by the cart path and the sand traps. There in the distance, over by a green, was a beautiful silver beast.

As I walked closer, she (I really don’t know if it was a boy or girl, but I’m going with the premise of a she) looked at me and I looked back.

The powerful build of the horse was noticeable, but what stuck out, literally and figuratively, was the horn. The swirled horn was at least a foot long. It was multicolored, too. The silver of the unicorn’s pelt, mane, and tail were in such stark contrast to the vibrant colors of the horn.

The horn itself started at the base as a deep violet and then went through the rainbow and the very tip was a soft pearly red. The colors spiraled up and blurred one into the next so I was unable to see where one color stopped and the next began.

I stood there awestruck, unable to move. Then the unicorn made a soft sound, not exactly like a horse’s whinny, less strident and lower in tone. She tossed her head and her mane rippled in the slight breeze. She made the sound again, looked at the tree line, looked back at me, and then slowly walked into the shadows of the trees.

I stood there looking at the now empty space and only at that moment did I remember that my phone was in my pocket. I missed the perfect picture. I’m not sure she would have allowed me to get off a shot. I’ve heard that unicorns are very secretive. She may have fled if I had gotten the phone out and started the process of taking a picture.

Instead, I got to share a moment with this magnificent beast and create a memory to carry with me for the rest of my life.

That was my adventure today, as I mused and walked, and began my day.