I walk around my neighborhood as a means of getting at least a limited bit of exercise. But I think it is going to kill me. Not the actual walking which is doing fine, but the other asshats who are out at the same time – they are going to kill me.

Or perhaps I have come upon a solution.

There is a part of my walk that takes me out on the major road and there is a much wider walkway there so people can walk/bike/skate or whatever. It is about twice as wide as a regular sidewalk. This should make it easy to get around.

I’ve been out there four days now and at least once each day, some dipshit comes whizzing past me on a bike or skates or simply running fast. There are cars passing on the road and so I don’t hear anything until right there, zipping past, goes someone. Scares the crap out of me.

No one seems to have learned the rule about calling out, “On your left” before they zip past and thereby not scare the crap out of me. They just zoom by and scare me.

So I think I have come upon a solution. Since I’m scared by them, I believe I may let out a blood-curdling scream. If it knocks them off their bike, oh well. Maybe next time they will make sure the person they are passing is warned.

I really should get back to walking first thing in the morning. People out at that time of day know the rules for this event. They don’t sneak up on you and scare you as they zip past, but warn nicely. Why people in the afternoon sunshine are so ill-mannered or unschooled is beyond my comprehension. But the fact is, I’m fairly tired of the whole thing.

I think today, I’ll try the scream and see if I can knock someone off those zippy, whizzy, scare me bikes.