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I am working on a journal experiment where I am writing down three good things that happen each day. They may not be repetitive; I can’t enjoy the same thing each day even though I absolutely do enjoy that first quarter cup of my morning coffee. I sip slowly in order to not burn my mouth and also to savor the waking up feeling as I move into my day.

I’ve only been doing this for a few days and I have no idea if it will improve my overall outlook on life or not. But just to make sure it doesn’t turn me into some cheerful nincompoop who has no discernible judgment, I thought I would counteract the writing by using this space to list some of my pet peeves.

These are in no particular order.

Drivers who want to go five miles under the speed limit who drive right next to other drivers going five miles under the speed limit and thereby block the flow of traffic for all the people who aren’t on their cell phones and are just trying to get to work on time. (It seems to me these people are just pacing each other because neither is really paying attention to their driving.)

People who claim they can drive and talk on cell phones without it making any difference.

Native English speakers who can’t tell the difference between your and you’re and any of the their, there, and they’re options when they write. In this category are the people who use words inappropriately because they really don’t know the meaning of the words they are using. Moot doesn’t mean what you think it does. Mute doesn’t mean that either.

Bike riders should not be weaving across the lanes of traffic, even in residential places. Especially in residential places.

Talking ads on web pages are simply awful. For a while, had a talking spot on pages with videos. The ads talked on top of the video you came to see. Really, really stupid and annoying. At work, I have the speakers turned off so I don’t get caught out by talking ads while I’m eating my lunch.

Why do skeins of yarn have that clump of stuff at the beginning and you can’t find the starting place? They make the tail end look like it is going to help, but it’s a trick. You have to de-gut the skein and have yarn all over the place. Years ago, you could actually start a skein of yarn without this problem, so I know there is a fix for this.

Screaming kids who sound like they are being murdered irritate me no end. I hated it when my kids did it and it would make my heart miss a beat when I heard them. Now, random screamers live near me and it is just as disenchanting as it was then, except I don’t really get the heart missing a beat thing, thank goodness. I’m really too old for that. Why do kids love to scream like that?

I’m irritated by people who don’t do their job. Laura forgot to send papers to my husband because she was either distracted, busy, or more likely just lazy (never incur the wrath of a writer) – and as a result, we aren’t getting his pension this month. We won’t ever get that back, so her inability to do her job as it should be done has cost us one month’s pension payout and I can only hope that Karma works and she gets to have some of this “help” when she gets ready to leave the work world.

In the US we have tamper resistant tops on many of our consumable goods. They came about after someone put poison in Tylenol bottles. These tops are meant to keep me safe and they also serve to keep random people from taking stuff out of the bottles. In fact, they keep the purchaser from getting things out of the bottles, too. It is my belief that all these protective seals should come with a safe and easy way to remove them. I know it is possible as my mustard comes with a removable seal. The millimeter tabs aren’t effective and need to be updated. In this same category are the huge plastic, rip-your-hands-to-shreds covering that make it difficult for people to steal small items. I understand theft is a problem in retail establishments. Why this should cause me such pain is a question I can’t answer. Also, in this same category – why do the US postal service, UPS, and FedEx have containers that make shipping possible but make it so difficult to actually access the shipped products? Sealing all the edges with superglue isn’t helpful to the recipient.

I love the written word. I am fascinated by words. I love the way they flow together. I am frankly, obsessed with words. I try to proofread even email and Facebook posts before hitting the send button. And yet, there are often errors. I hate that. I read and reread these writing before I send them out and still errors pop up. I always feel so dang stupid when I see the glaring proofs of my idiocy.

I know that many of my issues come about because the world does not behave as I think it should. I have no idea where the premise for how the world should work comes from. I know I would be more content and less peeved if I could let these shoulds all slip away. The world works as the world works. My desires are only my whims and do not have any bearing on reality. I really should let them go.