I am not a very good housekeeper. Well, I keep the house, just not clean. I don’t really care about clean. I only dust when the dust becomes noticeable, because then it looks like clutter. I hate clutter. Same with dog hair. I don’t mind the wisps of LC floating around, but when they form a group and look like tumbleweeds in a windy desert, I pick them up because they have become clutter.

Dick’s work computer never would talk to the wireless router. I don’t know if it was some sort of setting they installed or he was just a doofus at setting it up correctly. The reason why it wouldn’t work was immaterial. What mattered was that it had to be hardwired directly to the router or it wasn’t going to work.

So it was wired directly to the router because his paycheck was very important to me. However, his office was upstairs. That meant the cable box and the router had to be upstairs. Since Time Warner has a real problem with keeping the signal arriving, every time it went out I had to <gasp> walk up the 14 steps to reset the thing.

Now, I never really minded the first trip up and down, but when something was still amiss and I would have to go back up and then down and find it still not working, then go back up with a laptop this time and finally make it work or call them to come fix it – well, by that point I was cranky.

As soon as Dick retired, we moved the stuff down here. I have no idea what I was thinking except that it went out and I wanted it down here instead of fixing it up there and then bringing it down here. So I didn’t think my cunning plan all the way through.

We brought the cable box and the router down. We also have digital phone service. One day, about a year ago, we somehow lost all the phone wiring functionality in the house. That means the phone has to be plugged directly into the router as well. So that came down with us. And since we have seven phones from two systems, both system bases also have to be plugged in which I can do with a beam splitter.

So we moved the cable box, the router, and two phone systems into my office. Each of those had power wires and at least one connecting wire, but since there were split wires there were even more. There was about 47.468 miles of cording involved in this – I swear.

And it was sitting right here next to Command Central looking like one hugeass mess. It irritated me always. All those miles and miles of tangled cords. And all the boxes of crappy mechanical things. All right here. All messy. Drove me nuts.

And, the living room has looked lopsided since my last redecorating stab. All the seating was clumped too close together. We also kept tripping over the footrest in front of the rocking chair.

So this morning, in a fit of nervousness over too much clutter, I redecorated. I put Nana’s marble topped cabinet next to the couch and moved the couch down slightly. I put the rocker over where the cabinet was along with the smallest end table. I moved the cable box and router to the bottom shelf of that table and hooked up the best phone system right there. Then, in a surge of brilliance, I took the other box and made it reach the breakfast bar, giving me a phone in the kitchen again.

That also gave me a bit more table area near Command Central so my MP3 player and speaker set doesn’t need to sit on the floor. Next to me is the cord to the computer, which I can actually hide if I need to, but one cord not tangled doesn’t irk me.

I then had to take a phone from the entryway and bring it to Command Central. So I had to rearrange furniture in three rooms to get this place looking less cluttered. Good thing it was all on tile floors. It was easy to do, but probably not the best thing to do so recently after hurting my back.

Thank goodness I have such an interesting life and can use it for material for this blog.