It is often difficult to remember exactly how much trouble a new computer is. Oh, it is so pretty right out of the box and doesn’t have any of those quirks they seem to pick up as they become old computers.

My Windows XP liked to tell me each time I started it that Hook Load .dll failed or something like that. I was always rather grateful, since when I looked it up, it was something not nice and the fact that it failed each time I restarted my computer was reassuring.

It took me a long time to get all the files I was going to want to keep on my new computer put onto some temporary storage device to get it there from the old one. And then I would remember one more thing I was going to need and have to add more files.

I got the new computer and started it up. So far, so good. I got it connected to our wireless network which always takes a WEP key because even though I thought I knew what password I assigned to the network, it never likes what I wrote down as the password. So, WEP key it is.

Then I needed to know if I could migrate my antivirus from the old to the new computer. I could, but then I had to find the key to that and like all good key keepers, I had no idea where to even look. I called them and some guy helped me get it all taken care of. While cleaning out old emails last night, long after all this was done, I found the email with the key, but I no longer needed it.

I got Office loaded and all went well with that.

I got online and got Chrome downloaded and hid away Internet Explorer and then got my preferences set for Chrome. Next up was getting my bookmarks all installed. I did that, but as always, it likes to put them in a folder as imported bookmarks and I had to get them simply into one level higher. Not difficult, but I have no idea why it does that.

It took me most of the day to get the old computer cleaned up and all the important files moved over to the new computer.

A million years ago, when the Earth was young, there was a file in the Office folder called normal dot doc. In it, all your preferences were saved along with all the stuff you might have placed into the AutoCorrect thing as well as Dictionary additions. All you needed to do was get that file and put it on the next computer.

They don’t have that any more. At least it wasn’t anywhere I could find it. I use AutoCorrect so often that I knew this was going to be a pain in the rear. I found a place where I could get a macro and maybe break my brand new computer in order to save me some time in getting my AutoCorrect set up. I opted to take the time.

So this morning, forgetting my resolve to do it myself, I began to type. I really don’t like to type. It is the worst part of being a writer. I especially shun the shift key. It makes typing much more difficult, in my opinion and possibly in my mind. So, I had my work cut out for me.

I had to put in each state, many countries, the presidents’ names, some cities, and various contrivances I use to keep from having to type or ever touching the shift key. I don’t know how to spell Massachusetts, so to help me along, massa will do that for me. Typing cincy gives me Cincinnati. Well, it does after I teach it to do that.

Many words are not always capitalized, so my system is to type the beginning letter twice. eearth becomes Earth while earth remains earth. At least, after I tell it to do that for me. So I spent about an hour teaching my AutoCorrect to actually correct all the things I had automatically set it to correct. Then I typed in four essays I had written out and found that I had lots more words to teach it as I typed.

Soon, I will have it all fixed up to my liking again. However, I wish they still had that normal dot doc thing somewhere. It sure was easier.