I’m wearing my Halloween t-shirt to work today. I have one more Halloween thing, a scary vest with all sorts of appliques on it, that I will wear on Monday.

I bought all these seasonal type outfits when I was teaching. Kids really like to see their teachers dressed for the season. At least they commented on the stuff, so I assume they liked it. But adults – not so much. I wonder if we just lost all our wonder, became too blase or jaded.

Wouldn’t it be sort of thrilling to look at the world each day and find all the neat stuff laying around, just waiting for us to appreciate it?

Just think of all the really neat stuff out there. Right now, there are terrific striated light to dark gray clouds piling up outside my window. But they aren’t covering the whole sky, so there is sunshine reflecting off the houses and the shadows of trees on the roofs. It’s quite a pretty picture.

For breakfast I had some organic vanilla and almond granola with a handful of dried cranberries thrown it. It was delicious. Crunchy and tasty. And even more, it was relatively speaking – healthy.

I stumbled out of bed, half asleep and made my way to the shower. I got the water to a nice steamy hot temperature and by the time I got out of the shower, I was awake and ready to face the day. The wonderful man I married had a fresh brewed cup of coffee waiting on the breakfast bar for me and I could enter the day clean and sipping on my coffee. Perfect.

The day has hardly begun and yet I have a small list of wonderful things to appreciate. Not that I would have done any appreciating if I hadn’t started to write this. I had looked at the sky, eaten my breakfast, and even sipped my coffee without much thought.

But instead of mechanically going through the day, maybe I should give thought to all the great things available to me in this time and place. There are myriad opportunities to be amazed, to be thrilled, to be engaged in the world – savoring all the goodness found therein.