My Mazda’s remote locking system hasn’t been working properly. It has been faulty since we bought the used car. We got the car at Stokes Mazda in North Charleston. The key works and then it doesn’t work. It is random in its functionality. I washed one of the remote key chains and it didn’t work any better or worse than the one I didn’t launder.

It was, to say the least, annoying. Having to use the key isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, Dick doesn’t always hit the button enough times to unlock the passenger side of the car. There is no keyhole on that side of the car, so even if I had my own key – there were times when I couldn’t let myself in.

We have taken it back to Stokes once before and of course, the key worked for them and since they couldn’t reproduce the issue, they couldn’t fix it.

My key worked this morning. Dick’s key didn’t. Curtis, the man who was helping us, thought perhaps it just needed a new battery. We knew that the battery was relatively new and had to be no more than 15 months old at the very oldest, since that is how long we have had the car. But we didn’t argue because that is stupid and we aren’t stupid.

Curtis put in a new battery and it still didn’t work. Then he noticed that the contacts were flattened out some and that seemed to be the issue. While he was messing with Dick’s key, I tried to use mine again. Nothing. But it was just the two of us there when it didn’t work.

Curtis finished finagling with Dick’s key and we went out to test it. Success. I showed him how mine didn’t work. The one that had worked for him ten minutes before was now dysfunctional. I couldn’t get it to work; he couldn’t get it to work. The light was no longer glowing even though it had been doing so when we first arrived.

Curtis took my key apart and the contacts weren’t touching either. So he lifted them and reassembled the key. Now, everything works. If they don’t stay functional, we may have to spend about $400 to buy new ones, but for now Curtis fixed our problem. For free. He was helpful, pleasant, and made my problem go away. Every time I have had the car in there, Curtis has been working the desk and each and every time he has been wonderfully helpful.

From there, we went to the bank (Bank of America). We had run out of deposit slips and the woman at the drive through window was very helpful and cheerful. She acted like she actually cared if we were satisfied with our banking experience. She helped us make the deposit even though we didn’t have the proper paperwork with us. Another wonderful service experience.

Since it is Friday, it is our date morning. We went to Perkins for breakfast. Jonathan was our waiter. He was efficient, pleasant, and provided just the perfect amount of hovering to make sure everything was okay, but not too intrusive. The bill arrived without our having to get impatient and we were able to get ourselves back home and get busy with our day.

Three places all with great service. I don’t know the teller’s name or I would have included that. I even mentioned to Dick as we were enjoying our breakfast (and if you have a Perkins near you, go and try one of the pumpkin muffins – it was fabulous) how our day was going. Three stops; three wonderful, helpful, pleasant people to help us with our day.

As we were leaving, Jonathan was at the register, but another woman was actually doing the transaction. She asked if everything was satisfactory and we told her it was. And she looked at Jonathan and teasingly said, “Well, except for your waiter.” I knew she was teasing and so did Jonathan. But I also knew that we had been having a splendid morning and I made sure that she and Jonathan both knew how great it was to offer good service and how appreciative we were for their efforts. (And we left a nice tip to make sure he knew we liked it, too.)

I have used this space to complain about poor service in the past. Today, I want to use this space to thank all the people who helped make my morning so pleasant.

Service providers, we service consumers really do appreciate a warm smile and a helpful attitude. Keep up the good work.