I’m not particularly fond of change just for change’s sake. There seems to be no real value in just changing things because someone thinks I want it. This is true whether I’m dealing with Microsoft or Facebook.

I still despise the entire ribbon idea with icons upon icons taking up too much space on my screen. This is especially true when I’m using my HP Mini rather than my HP Too Big To Carry Around. I collapse the ribbons to get them out of my way and then have issues with finding things. I can’t tell you how many hours I have wasted looking for things I used to be able to find with two clicks or a few strokes of the keyboard shortcuts.

Facebook likes to upgrade on a monthly basis. They are always tweaking and improving. Usually, they don’t do a major design change, but something smaller that is just slightly annoying. The background of the photo display changed from black to white without me getting annoyed at all.

Their new design seems particularly horrible to this safety conscious person. My nephew who despised Facebook and their lack of security before would be appalled now. The ticker displays what everybody is doing. I guess teens and twenty somethings like this aspect. It seemed especially invasive to me.

When my friend commented on one of her friend’s posts, I could see it even though in days of old, I couldn’t.  So if Sally is commenting on Susie’s post and I am not a friend of Susie’s I shouldn’t be able to see it. But now I can. So if my friend Sally is complaining to Susie about her dipshit friend, Patti, who is such a snob and a dolt and wore that horrible outfit the other night – I might just get my feelings hurt.

Hurt feelings don’t seem so bad. But what if I had some lunatic ex-boyfriend stalker person who was a friend of Susie’s friend and as Sally and Susie talked about Patti, he could find out where she was, what she was doing, and begin to stalk her through friends on Facebook.

There are also issues with the insecurity of teens online and those who would exploit them. It is impossible for me to figure out who can see what. I know I can see far too much and although I changed all my settings to just Friends rather than Friends of friends, it still seemed too much information was being bandied about.

The fact that I can’t find anything on the Home Page because Top Stories that didn’t interest me took up most of the page and I had to scroll forever to find new stories was irritating. The new picture display made sense only if you were displaying one picture at a time and yet when someone did that, I had page upon page upon page of scroll, scroll, scroll to get past their 20 pictures. Annoying as hell and I wanted to scream, GET AN ALBUM.

Notifications of every damn thing was easy to turn off. Subscribing to all of my friends was a pain in the ass and so I made a group of everyone, but that didn’t help with pages I truly wanted to follow.

If the designers at Facebook had just left the sorting feature in place, I could have dealt with all the other bullshit. But instead, I couldn’t just get status updates. I couldn’t just look at pages. I could just look at links or pictures, but see above about that picture fiasco.

What I would really like is for some guy to create a place for old people to socialize. I don’t want a bunch of whiz-bang features. I want a place to just meet my friends scattered across the globe. I’m not friending 1,500 strangers so I don’t need to categorize them. I have my few friends and acquaintances and I want to be able to keep in touch.

What I want is someone to make me a Wrinkled Facebook.