How much joy and happiness and contentment do we miss just because we aren’t paying attention? I can tell you when I hit too many red lights, but I really don’t notice when I never have to down shift. I know when traffic flows poorly with some nitwit on the phone and in my way while he/she drives erratically, but I often fail to notice when traffic runs smoothly.

This morning, I was awakened by my alarm clock. This isn’t really my preferred method of arising, but I forgot to wake myself up before the alarm clock went off. So I was jangled awake and my day was already off to a bad start. I stayed in bed for a few minutes trying to talk myself into actually getting up. I finally won the argument with myself and stumbled out of bed and made it to the bathroom without hitting any walls. I was not grateful for this, but when I’m not awake enough and do hit a wall, I sure notice that.

I grabbed my walking clothes and got dressed. I was not excited about heading out into the morning, either. However, I partied on Saturday and ate way too much and then I ate too much again on Sunday. I really needed to get out. So I did.

Bah, humbug.

I tromped along and dodged the crepe myrtles which need to be trimmed up before someone loses an eye. I didn’t like that, either. Bad morning all around.

I got up to the pool area where there is a break in the trees and there, playing hide-and-seek with the tree tops was a beautiful coral-colored full moon. It was stunning. The pinky-orange shimmering through the tall Carolina pines was gorgeous.

My path through the neighborhood bends and turns as the builders never met a Roman they could like. They never heard of squares or a grid and the streets bend and curve and weave in and out. That meant the moon moved from my right to my left or would suddenly appear in front of me. Always the same beautiful color.

My day improved remarkably as I was delighted in the sights before me. I’ve been listening to a Great Courses on the geology and the wonders of the Earth. I had gained a new appreciation for the Moon and this morning it was even more lovely.

There are so many things in my day that should make me feel delighted. My two-year-old granddaughter, Francesca, is delighted by her surroundings. Somehow, I’ve gotten too busy or too jaded to appreciated the wonder of the world. That is lamentable.

Even here at work, there are things in which to delight. I brought watermelon to work for my lunch. Sweet, juicy, cool, refreshing watermelon. I enjoy watermelon. As I nibbled on it, I began to really be mindful of the taste and my enjoyment in the moment grew.

Being me, I also have some chocolate here at work. I can savor the delights of what was once called “the food of the gods” and here I am just a peon delighting in the creamy smoothness and delectable flavor.

I have my computer and can play online or create entries for my word games. I can check in with my friends on Facebook. I can write a blog post. All of these things are enjoyable in different ways.

Instead of living in the moment and appreciating all the good things, I spend too much time stressing about the few things that go wrong. And really, they are few. If you stub your toe, you can really remember how bad that is. But how often do we notice when we go weeks or months without bending the little piggies in the wrong direction?

Things really are pretty good. They are either pretty good because there is much to delight in with every passing day. OR they are good because there are so many things that can go wrong – and don’t.

Today is a great day. Carpe diem.