Why is Social Security the program being mentioned for cuts with the federal budget fiasco? Oh, they are old people. Of course.

From the Voice of America:

If there is no plan to let the federal government keep borrowing funds by August 2, the country risks defaulting on its debt. The Treasury could not pay its investors, and interest rates would rise for anyone seeking loans from U.S. banks. The government also would not be able to meet such obligations as Social Security checks to retirees and to fulfill corporate contracts. (emphasis added)

Monies have been extorted from me since I was 16 and started being a working member of society. I was making $1.35 per hour and even though it was long ago, it didn’t buy much. It didn’t buy nearly as much as it might have because Uncle Sam decided that as a young teenager, I needed to contribute to the Ponzi scheme instituted by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

When my own older son got his first paycheck, he was stunned. He knew about taxes. He knew that federal, state, and city taxes would be withheld. He even knew about Social Security. But he wanted to know, “Who is this FICA guy?”

After contributing for over forty years, Social Security is in a mess. The Ponzi scheme isn’t working out the way it was envisioned. FDR didn’t even see far enough into the future to know that the baby boom would create this huge bubble of economic woe. Well, it is woe now that we boomers would like to accrue the benefits we have been paying into for so long. While we were paying into the pot, we were keeping all the other people afloat.

We wouldn’t have needed our benefits if we could have had the money we earned and invested it ourselves. But we weren’t permitted this luxury of keeping the money we worked so hard to gain.

So now, when things are bad, Social Security is mentioned as a cut. Not Welfare payments of any type, but the money that someone worked for will be withheld. Why is this?

Oh, I know. Old people won’t riot. If we withhold money from people who have not paid into the pot, they will get all righteous and nasty and riot. If we say, well a year is enough time to look for a job and cut back on unemployment benefits (another program that is actually paid into by employers), those young sturdy but somehow unemployable people will riot.

But if we keep money from old people, they will write letters to AARP or whine to each other. But they won’t riot. So, it’s the old people, the people who have been paying into a system – often against their better judgment and certainly against their wills – whose money will not be paid to them.


The very first cut to the federal budget should be the salaries paid to Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. Surely the money they make from special interest lobbyists is enough to get by during this time of hardship.