I am proud of my children. My sons turned out to be wonderful men. I hope I had some hand in that, but who knows?

I know some really great parents who have children who made really bad choices and got lost in a life of misery. I know some really ineffectual parents who were at least “poor” parents if not outright failures at the task, and yet they have offspring who turn out well.

Perhaps, children have a lot more input into how they eventually turn out than we give them credit for at this point in time.

Regardless of how it happened, my sons often amaze me. They do things that I wonder at, thinking to myself “Where in the world did they learn that?”

I can only assume that much of that stuff comes from their father. I know I’m far more vindictive, far less generous, and far more scathing than Dick or our boys. So, apparently this whole takes-two-people-to-make-a-baby thing might have some benefits to it.

Each of my sons has been a joy to me in my grandmother years. They have each become wonderful fathers themselves. They have each found a way to be lovely human beings in an over-pressured world. They are just great guys.

Craig has made his TV debut. How cool is that?

Congratulations, my son.