At 4 AM, God decided to put on a show for us mere mortals and outdo our own measly attempts at pyrotechnics. While God’s fireworks were monochromatic, they were still awe inspiring. The dog did not like this light show any more than she liked the show the night before.

After watching the flickering for a while, I fell back to sleep, much to the dog’s dismay. However, God was not finished with the light show and started it all back up again at about 4:45 only this time, just to prove the power and might, He threw in a downpour as well.

LC was not amused. In fact, she was so distraught, she began to pace. If she lived with some decent humans, her nails would be kept short enough to not click on the flooring. We have no carpet downstairs – only the FROG is carpeted. So, she clicked as she paced. She clicked on the fake hardwood floor. She clicked as she followed me into the bathroom. She would have clicked on the ceramic tiles, but she wasn’t getting that far from me, her protector against all ills except too long nails.

I may have dozed off again, or maybe not. I do know the next time I looked at the clock it was 5:55 and it was not raining out there.

I didn’t walk yesterday. I needed extra primping time before going to work for what I can only assume was a very good reason because I usually need a very good reason. Well, we are making our own company birthday cards and we were part of the picture for the cards. This meant, to me, that I needed to actually do something with my hair other than wash it. I also might want to do the entire warpaint thing rather than just lipstick and blush, my usual makeup – enough so I don’t look like a walking corpse.

All that extra primping took time and I learned that it is has been a very long time since I did something with my hair. Probably four or five inches of length and it was really a lot harder to fix than I had remembered. But I did remember how to apply all the makeup and looked like something more akin to photographic.

Since I didn’t walk yesterday, however, I really needed to walk today. And it had quit raining. So I really should walk. So I dragged myself out of bed, tripped over the dog who was lying right there in my way, and made it to the bathroom to cast off the jammies and don the walking outfit.

Dick was already up and warned me I was going to get wet out there. I informed it was not raining at the moment and took off.

It was miserable out there. I thought the rains would have cooled things off. It was 77⁰ out there. And steamy. I don’t know if the fog stuff near the ground was low cloud cover hovering at an altitude of two inches or if it was steam rising from the baked earth. Either way, it was damp. The humidity is 95% and there are gusts of winds up to .0000001 mph.

All that and there is not very good drainage here in the Low Country. It is called that because we are about 10 feet above sea level. There really isn’t any place for the water to drain to and so it sits in any slight indentation in the ground.

We also have lawn service people who care for the community property. Here in South Carolina these are usually Mexicans and these people are not exactly basketball candidates. I don’t know if they never look up, if they do and they trim as far as they can reach, or they just want to aggravate the taller Caucasian and African-American citizenship. Anyway, even on a good day, I get hit in the head with low lying branches since I’m the statuesque height of 5’6” and all.

Crepe myrtles are beautiful trees. They grow upright until they begin to bloom and since the blooms are huge and heavy, the boughs begin to droop. Whenever it rains, everything droops more. Today, where there are trees near the sidewalks, even the Mexicans could not have passed without getting drenched.

All the crickets and bugs and frogs and woodland noisemakers love it when it rains and so I was traveling with wood song. I love that type of noise and I lost myself in the serenade.

But the best part of the walk, even better than the soundtrack provided by Mother Nature, was near the pin at Black Robin hole 4. I took the golf path this morning to stay closer to the bug song. And there, near the pin, I startled a woodland creature. I had been on the lookout for gators and had missed something taller. But there was a sound like horse snorting and I looked to see the tail of a deer taking off into the woods. The deer was about the size of Trip or Harley.

All in all, I’m glad I walked. I didn’t go as far as usual. I managed 3902 steps for 1.89 miles. I did reset my stride length and so this is now probably an accurate, or at least more accurate, accounting of distance.

It was sure nice to get back in to the air conditioning.