Sunday was Father’s Day and so we were heading over to the house with the new father in it. But first, there were things to do – like kill time all afternoon. We did this by a bit of retail therapy, which isn’t as much therapy as possible when everything has to be packed onto an airplane.

We did manage to return Cheri’s bad ink cartridge and get one that worked. This was important, since I was going to be printing my boarding passes. We also figured out how to use Cheri’s scanner for her old pictures.

We managed to while away the afternoon and then we went over to Heather and Josh’s house for a cookout. One last chance to play with Lily and I got to meet Josh’s family, too. It was a fun evening and all the food was delicious. It was time to head back to Cheri’s house.

Neither one of us wanted to fall asleep. It seemed to be wasting our time when it was so limited. But we did have to head off to bed.

My flight wasn’t until early afternoon so we had some time to play. The gnomes got a bit frisky on us and whirled through the house looking for photo ops.

Gned and Gnate with their matching computers.

The boys love their coffee.

The boys on the Total Gym, getting a workout.

The gnomes on the Harley OR Gnarly Harley Gnomes

The gnomes with Harley.

The time came when we had to head to the airport. We got packed up and started our drive to Kentucky, the location of the Cincinnati airport. About half way there it began to pour. Then it poured harder. Then it poured so hard it was totally scary.

Visibility was about two inches. Cheri isn’t much for driving anyway and here she was in a strange place on a multilane highway, without being able to see. It was very scary for everyone in the car. Somehow, she managed to get us to the airport without wrecking the car. Great driving, Baby Sister.

I got to my gate and was stunned. It was at the end of the gate area and there were three gates. And no chairs. Well, there were five chairs for handicapped people and the rest of us were forced to just mill around. Fortunately, I got a seat on the window  ledge. How can airports ask you to get to the airport hours in advance and then not have seats available while you wait?

Gned saving me seat at the airport.

I watched the storm clouds dissipate and then build up again. There was one really dark cloud that looked swirly and I thought I was going to get to see a tornado at the airport, but it didn’t happen. As our plane approached the gate, a lightning storm once again began. No one is permitted outdoors in a lightning storm, so the plane cannot connect with the gate. We waited patiently for 20 minutes until the storm passed.

Gned is such a good little traveler.

Gned and I got aboard our plane, had plenty of time to make the connecting flight, and came home to 101⁰ heat. Dick picked us up and we got home with enough time to do laundry and get ready to go back to work.

Gned was put back in his place, waiting for next year.

Lonely Gned - waiting for Gnate and Gnute - next year.