Saturday morning was bittersweet. We have been having such a wonderful time, but it was coming to an end. Gnute and Pam were leaving. But first there were things to do, places to go, and people to see.

Every Saturday morning is Weight Watchers and so we were going to go with Cheri. Cheri poked her head in the bedroom door and panted, “It’s 7:13!” Of course, when Cheri says something in a panic, it is always more dramatic than I can write it out. Pam and I were still 90% asleep at the announcement. We were happy to have a verbal clock, but we did not see the problem.

The problem was that we were supposed to leave at 7:15. Cheri is always, always, always early so leaving at the proscribed time wasn’t really “have to” but more of a “want to.” Pam and I hopped out of bed, Cheri ran to get dressed. The two of us took turns in the bathroom and dressing and all of us managed to be ready to leave the house before 7:30.

We got to WW on time. We didn’t have enough time to get a photo op for the gnomes, but we did manage to arrive prior to the actual start of the meeting.

After the meeting, we went to Frisch’s again so the Game On! meeting could take place. Part of the fun of having made it through another week of both WW and Game On is that one can celebrate with a couple strips of bacon. That is the reason for arriving for breakfast at this unlikely spot.

Rather than the usual four people for breakfast, we had six of us and there was far too much excitement for us to remember to get the gnomes out.

When we got back to Cheri’s house, it was time for Pam to really pack and make sure she had all her stuff for her next week of vacation in Cleveland. She was lucky enough to have great friends who were staying in northern Kentucky. On their way back home, they picked up Pam and took her back to Elyria to party with all her old friends.

The gnomes had one last group hug and then were each put in their private gnome home. It was tough to say good-bye to Pam, but it was so fun to have our time together.

Gned, Gnate, and Gnute saying "so long, till next year"

Down to just two sisters and two gnomes, we were a bit mopey. But we still needed to get the boys out on the town. We took the gnomes to Greenies and all of a sudden, they just perked up. They got into the taps (and yes they are old enough; see the white beards?). They played darts, pool, indoor golf, and a few other games such as foosball and skeet ball. Those guys get around.

The two gnomes at the taps

The gnomes got a little close to the dart board

Gnetted gnomes

We got home and made taco salad. For the first time since I had been in Cincinnati, I was hungry after dinner. Both Cheri and I had huge plates of taco salad and yet … we were both starving all night long. Cheri said that happens every time she has taco salad and vowed to forego the treat for the foreseeable future.

It was much quieter without the other sister and we had a rather quiet night. Cheri’s big job was to start the dessert for the Father’s Day party at Heather’s house the next day. It made the kitchen smell wonderful as she baked some cookie dough for a fruit pizza. That may have also contributed to our hunger all evening.

We tried paying the card game of Scategories with just the two of us and it was just as stupid as it was with three of us playing. All in all, it was just a bit of a sad day, with Gnute and Pam MIA.