Wednesday was a lazy day. We didn’t have any real plans but decided to look for a place to lunch. We got online and looked for some cute little local something-or-other and decided on an adventure. We were going to dine at Wildflowers with a webpage full of bad grammar telling us all about their sustainable foods menu and all the great things to be found.

The address we were looking for was 207 on That Street I Can’t Remember. We knew the restaurant was an old two-story converted farmhouse. We knew it was in Mason. We thought we knew how to get there.

We were on That Street for quite a while and the numbers went from larger to smaller so we were getting closer. But that was South and we needed North. We crossed the midpoint. There, ahead was a two story yellow house that looked completely abandoned and with a For Sale sign in the front yard.

The day was rainy and my back seat window was too streaky for me to read much. As we passed, the numbers on the house were not three numerals, but the words written out. And of course it said “two hundred seven” and did look abandoned.

We had read that reservations were nice, but it was a rainy Wednesday and we didn’t really think we had to call ahead. And now we wished we had because the restaurant appeared closed. Across the street was a place called Mason Diner and the parking lot in front was full of cars. We were hungry. We stopped in.

We peeked at the menu and it looked like it might work. We took a seat and got waters. Then we really began to study the menu. It was all pretty yucky. I was hoping it was going to be like Big Boy on Lake Avenue, but it wasn’t. We looked and looked and we couldn’t find anything to eat. We opted to leave. Cheri blamed it on Weight Watchers and I threw some money on the table to appease the waitress.

Out in the parking lot, we decided to call and see if the restaurant was still serving while they were trying to sell the house. We called, they were open until two. It was one. We drove back over to the abandoned house and that is when we noticed it did not, in fact, say two hundred seven, but instead it was “one hundred seven.”

So we had to turn around, drive back, and found two hundred seven, a thriving business inside a two story yellow farmhouse. The parking lot behind was full. The only way to park was to parallel park in front. Cheri hadn’t parallel parked since she took her driving test. On a side street we did a little Chinese fire drill thing, Pam took the wheel and got us parked. It wasn’t that hard. She just had to drive into a space that could have held two to three cars. Even Cheri admitted she could have done THAT.

The Gnomes at Wildflowers

We got inside and had more trouble with the menu. There were six things each of us wanted. There were so many wonderful things on the menu and on the plates of the other diners around us. It was hard to choose.

We each ordered our meal and amazingly enough, I ordered a dessert. I did offer to share it. It was delicious and probably about 4000 calories all by itself. But worth it, I’m sure.

We then stopped at several different stores on the way back home. When I moved to Landon, there was nothing there. I had to travel out to faraway lands to do any shopping. Now, the area is full of every store imaginable. Many of the stores I would love to have some place near me are right there at Fields-Ertel Road and others are nearby.

Right there was a Christopher & Banks and I was so excited. We went in and it was such a disappointment. I have always just walked to the back of the store and three to six racks of sale prices, out of season, move quick cheap clothes and there were none at this store. As Ryan would say, “How appointing.”

While we were out in Arizona last year, the sisters and Aunt Babe went to Charming Charlies, a store I would love to have near me. It is full of wonderful things I would want to have available year round. Of course, there aren’t any near me. So I had to load up on several lovely clearance necklace/earring sets and I found a wallet to go with my new purse.

No Aunt Babe this year, but the Gnomes with another CC bag. This won't happen next year.

All in all, it was an adventurous day. Even hitting the wrong restaurant made for a fun story. I love having all this time with my sisters.