Friday, Heather, Lily, and Cheri came to pick me up at the airport. My plane was delayed because of storms in Cincinnati. There were not only storms, but storms with hail. The plane circled for15 minutes and then we got another notice of storms and circled another 15 minutes. We then were told we would land in 18 minutes and sure enough, 25 minutes later we landed at a completely bone dry airport.

I was able to deplane and then made my way toward the baggage claim. I was searching for “Baggage Claim” signs when I saw some beautiful, svelte blonde jumping around and waving. It finally dawned on me that it was Cheri. I didn’t even recognize my own sister. She looked fabulous.

Heather was sitting over there with Lily and we went to go and play with them. I did remember to kiss my nice niece. But, as a confirmed baby hog, I scooped up Lily and got to kiss this brand new person. It was wonderful.

The Great Aunt with Lily

Later, we all went over to the Dunbar house and played with Madison, Olivia, and Emma. We read books and played music from You Tube. All in all, it was loud, sorta like being at Joe’s house. Amazing how much volume three small people can produce.

Madison combing my hair while I listen to music with Olivia and Emma, who are entertaining the gnomes.

Saturday morning, Cheri and I went to Weight Watchers where I got to meet Lori.

Lori, the cheerful and cooperative Weight Watcher leader with the gnomes.

Mary and her daughter, Morgan, were there as well. The four of us went to breakfast at Frisch’s. it was there that I was asked what our gnomes were named. And amazingly enough, a new tradition was added. I answered that my gnome was Gned. Cheri said hers was named Gnate.

Mary and Gned at Frisch's

Gned gets around. Now he's flirting with Morgan.

After dinner we walked about three miles with Harley and came home tired.

Gned and Gnate with Harley at the park, after our walk.

On Sunday, we traveled up to Columbus to pick up Pam. Rose Ann had been gracious enough to bring her that far and as an extra bonus, we then got to have lunch with Rose Ann. It was a fun trip. However …

Cheri is a bit of a timid driver. She doesn’t much care for changing lanes. We were going to exit 131 on route 71. So we knew for a very long time how far we were going to have to travel. After we got past downtown Columbus, we still had about ten more miles to go before our exit. We got behind a CFI truck. I mentioned that we had plenty of time in which to pass the truck. Cheri bravely passed the truck.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, we got behind a rather sluggish Swift truck. She didn’t know if she had enough time to pass the truck. I tried to remain non-critical when I pointed out we still had six miles to our exit. We finally managed to get to exit 131 and have lunch. But it took a bit longer than it would have with a more adventurous driver.

Back at Cheri's house with yet another Great Aunt and Lily.