So, what’s up with all the scandals? Why are we so focused on the frailty of the human condition? Does being a dimwit over there, make you a dimwit for all your life and in all capacities? If so, we are all dimwits because we have all done some really stupid stuff at some point in our lives – possibly since the beginning of this year.

Most of the time when we do stupid stuff, no one catches us. Sometimes we are tired and have poor judgment. Sometimes we are partying and that usually leads to a far greater likelihood of being stupid. Partying and stupid pretty much go together.

Sometimes we are feeling invincible for some incredibly dumb reason since none of us is truly invincible. Power may have something to do with that. Think of your own boss, if you doubt me. There are things that bosses do that the underlings just have to let slide. Being right and powerless has very little merit. So the boss “wins” an issue because the boss has the power. Doesn’t make the boss right, just makes the boss the boss. Later, when the “solution” blows up, we the powerless minions get to privately smirk, but don’t do it in front of the boss.

Politicians are in the boss category and of late they have been doing some incredibly stupid things. But just like our incredible stupidity, it doesn’t negate their entire lives. If everyone who did something really dumb was forced to give up his or her job, we would have 100% unemployment. We have all been in the dumb category. We might not have taken a picture of our crotch to post in a public place, but we have still managed at some point to be moronically stupid. Does that mean we can’t do our jobs today?

I would also like to take a moment to reflect on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his folly. Arnold was married to one of the Kennedy clan. Wouldn’t one assume that in the Kennedy family, infidelity is not only widespread, but possibly mandatory?

Can you just picture a sultry Marilyn Monroe singing, “Happy birthday, Mr. President” and feel the extramarital sex ooze across the thought? Can you think of Chappaquiddick and not think of Mary Jo dead and her escort scrambling to cover his illustrious ass?

The Kennedy clan seems to breed sexual infidelity. But no one thought John or Ted needed to be ousted from their positions. In fact, the good people of Massachusetts kept reelecting Ted for the rest of his life regardless of his killing someone in a drunken orgiastic stupor. But Arnold? The country is acting a bit peculiar about this part of the Kennedy clan. Is it because he simply married into the family? Is it because he is a Republican?

Whatever Arnold did, does not concern us. Maria has all the rights of an aggrieved wife, regardless of her family’s history with this issue. But the State of California and the US have no stake in this problem. It is not our concern. Who is tapping whom has no bearing on the record of the politician while in office. The record of the people in power is based on how they ran their fiefdom, not on how they ran their bedrooms.

Why is all this getting so much attention? Has our attention span dropped to such an incredible low that all we can think about is the titillating 30-second sound bite filled with gossip? Are the issues of the day too difficult and too complex for us to even contemplate? Do we need to be diverted from the real problems with the economy, climate, globalization issues, numerous wars, and worldwide poverty? If we focus on Weiner’s wiener and Arnold’s bastard child, we look like we are involved in the world and know what is happening around the globe.

Are the journalists pandering to the lowest common denominator because that is all we care to know about or because it is too difficult to write about the real problems and issues of our age? Do they not write in-depth articles about the issues because it is depressing? Because it is too hard to write? Because we are so used to newsflashes that we won’t take the time to read?

Why are we so taken with gossip when there are so many other things we really need to focus on?