I am dependent on my technology. What time is it? I look at the lower right corner of my computer and there is my clock. Perfect.

What is the temperature? I have a little app on my desktop telling me weather conditions.

What is my phone number? Well, I actually do know my home phone number, but I don’t just hand out my cell phone number to anybody and so … I don’t know it. The other day, I had to actually call the guy behind the car repair place’s desk so he could see my cell phone number to put into their system so they could call me when the car was done.

Someone recently asked me for Dick’s cell phone number. I know it is auto dial 2 on my cell phone. Craig is 3, Joe is 4, Pam is 5, Cheri is 6, Pam’s cell is 7 (although I don’t think I updated that and so it is her old cell phone), Cheri’s cell is 8. And I almost never use my cell to call my sisters because the battery runs out before we are done talking.

Most days, I have my netbook and my Kindle at work with me. Today, I touched neither one except to get them out of and then back into my purse. Some days I use either one or the other at work. Some days, I even use both.

Command Central (with analog clock and old fashioned phone)

At home, surrounding me at Command Central is the personal DVD player, the netbook, the Kindle, and a variety of snack options. That last is probably why I’m not losing weight. I also have my craft basket sitting there so I can crochet while I watch the DVD player usually showing me one of The Great Courses. I’m getting so dang smart.

I have my favorite programs and my favorite web sites. I flit from option to option. I have many of my files out in the cloud so I can access them from the big laptop or the netbook. And with the netbook, I can access them at work or at home. I suppose I could do the same with the big laptop, but I don’t usually take it out of the house. I guess I could buy a desktop if I’m not going to move it around, right?

At work, I have at my disposal a very powerful database that does all sorts of wonderful things. Or at least, it should. We decided to use more of the capabilities included in this powerful program a couple weeks ago.

Because we wanted to use this thing to better our business practices, I began doing what I needed to do to make that all work. And there’s the rub.

When I tried doing what I was supposed to do, it didn’t work. Well, it worked so well it was non-functional for practical purposes. The only thing to do was call the help desk.

Fortunately, the help desk for our corporation is right here in downtown America. So when I call the help desk, I can understand what they say to me and more importantly, they can understand what I say to them. This is a great help when trying to help. We also have the possibility of remote access which works really well.

So I called and thought they would give me some quick fix. That didn’t work. I stumped the first person. The first person was from the “how to” side of the help desk. She sent me to the technical side of the help desk and there was much technical stuff we could try. We could unload and reload the offending system. We did. That didn’t work, but we did it. Finally, after trying all sorts of things, the tech sent me back to the “how to” side where they could “escalate” my case.

I waited two weeks and then called today. I just wanted a status update. The status is it still isn’t fixed.

Every time I try to open a file, which is really important if you want to actually use the files, it tells me it can’t do it because it needs to update. I dutifully say, “OK then, go ahead and update.” It then takes nearly a minute for the screen to appear and tell me there are no updates available.

I believe the biggest part of the problem lies in the version I have. I am supposed to have version and in one place it tells me I actually have Unfortunately, in another place it says my version is and so … I need an update. But I can’t have one because elsewhere I already have the update. But I don’t have the update and so it won’t open the file.

Technology is my friend. I know it is. I use technology all day long. Oftentimes it doesn’t do exactly what I want it to do, but it really is my friend. If it weren’t, I couldn’t post this and I just did.