What is a pretty picture? Some pictures are pretty because the subject matter is pretty. Some pictures are pretty because of the treatment of the subject matter. Some pictures are more stunning or captivating than pretty, but I consider that to be “pretty” as well.

Taken at the Biltmore as we we toured the greenhouses

I had hundreds of pretty pictures on my computer that I was using at My Writers Circle for my profile pictures. I changed them every day. However, they had a file size restriction. So I took my files and made them all small.

I thought it would be fun to change my profile pictures on Facebook and I had all these pictures – so I tried to use one.

Facebook also has a file size restriction. They say all profile pictures must be at least 180 pixels.

I had shrunk all my pictures to “small e-mail” size. Unfortunately, that size is only 160 pixels. So I have all these really pretty pictures, but they are too small to use.

Yesterday morning, I went out online and found 50+ pretty pictures. I captured them and shrunk them to be a more manageable size. I can have a new pretty picture every day.

I suppose I could look on my big computer and see if I have all the older pretty pictures not shrunk to a too small size. But I actually had a good time looking for new pretty pictures.

No matter what happens, I have a new fun little game to play. Seeking out new pictures is fun. Looking at something pretty makes me smile inside and out.

There are so many pretty things out there. Finding them is just a few clicks away. Surrounding myself with pretty things is completely within my power. I think I can have fun. Fun is good.