I don’t like to worry about my lunch. I want to know I have something good to eat each day. I like to have particular food available even when I’m at work. And, most importantly, I hate having to remember to bring the dirty dishes back home.

I have my own stack of paper plates at work so I can eat whatever I bring for my lunch. I don’t much care for sandwiches, so I have to pack my lunch carefully.

I’m also not all that interested in spending a lot of time on food preparation. I don’t mind really cooking for dinner, but lunch isn’t worth too much time. So what I have done is create a way to pack my lunch in under ten minutes, have a healthy lunch, and actually have food I like to eat.

First, I shop smart. I know what I like to eat and what is easy to pack. I therefore, make sure I have what I want for lunch is always on my grocery list.

Assembled ingredients and implements.

I assemble the ingredients and implements first.

Salad half made ... moving right along

As I said, I don’t want to have to remember to bring my dirty dishes back home. This may not always work, but for something as easy as a tossed salad, I can manage easily. As I said, I have paper plates at work. I also have salad dressing at work ready and waiting.

Layered ingredients, ready to close

Putting the salad into a plastic bag makes it really easy to carry, since I don’t have to cram stuff into a plastic container.

Closed and ready to pack up

I have match stick carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, shredded cheese, sunflower seeds, a hardboiled egg, and lettuce mix. I learned that putting the lettuce on top works better for loading the bag. I also learned that you should then place the lettuce on the plate before dumping the rest of the salad out or heavier stuff goes on the bottom.

Packed lunch

Having a plate of salad for lunch fills me up. I’m never hungry in the afternoon because I had so much to eat for lunch.

Delicious and healthy

I also have nothing to take home. I throw out the brown bag and the plastic bag, the paper plate, and the plastic fork. I would actually wash plate and fork if we had running water in the office, but we don’t. I don’t really like taking my dishes to the bathroom to wash up for the next day’s meal, so it all gets tossed.

It takes me less than ten minutes to pull out the ingredients, make the salad, put the ingredients away, pack my lunch, and wash off the countertops. I really enjoy my lunch and I really, really enjoy not getting to the car and then remembering there is some plastic container back at the office that really needed to come home with me.