April 27, 1973 was a rainy, rainy day in Elyria, Ohio. It was the Friday after Easter. We woke up to rain and it rained all day. All. Day. At 5 pm on that day, our wedding started and the reception was held immediately after.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hysell

We were impossibly young and terribly naïve. My new husband had served is the United States Marine Corps for two years and we met shortly after his discharge. He had signed up for two years, a hard time, and Vietnam. He got the two years and hard time, but a Colonel who appreciated his typing skills, kept Dick stateside and working in the office.

We had no idea what was ahead of us, but who does? I was barely twenty and my newly minted husband was twenty-three. As most 20 somethings, we thought we knew everything.

I was a nursing student, my husband was working as a manager in a small grocery store and going to school on the GI Bill. We lived frugally, but managed to squeak by. We rented a duplex from our boss, assuring our employment if nothing else. I made all the curtains, our home was cozy.

We moved from there to a mobile home 14 x 65 feet with an expanded living room. Our first son was born there making him trailer trash. He was born 27 days early and didn’t have toenails yet. But we somehow all managed to make it through. He was 13 weeks old when I finished up my nursing program. He stayed with his Nana while I went south for two days to take (and pass) my licensing board. I was now an RN.

Dick switched jobs and began working for a welding supply company and I stayed home for the first year, babysitting my niece while my older sister taught fourth grade. For a while, I had two kids under a year old, but on completely different schedules. The next summer, I went to work while my sister babysat our son. We purchased our first house. Dick moved to a larger international welding supply company.

A few years later, our second son was born. Two kids are so much more than twice the work of one kid. But we had great neighbors and it all turned out to be a wonderful way to raise a couple kids. Dick was transferred across the state and so we all packed up and moved south. Another lucky break. Our new neighborhood was as wonderful as our first one. It was a wonderful place to raise a couple kids.

I switched from working Med/Surg to working ICU/CCU and from there moved to OR. Dick kept moving up the ranks and was manager of three different locations. All this eventually got on his last nerve and we opted to move back north and he would once again work in the national headquarters. We packed up and moved again.

We built a new home and finally could move in. We had one son in college and one son still at home. Four days after moving into our new home, Dick’s job vanished with a restructuring of the company. They found a new position for him inside the company, but it entailed lots and lots of traveling. He worked out of New York City one year and out of Boston another. He was home most weekends, but not always. Traveling around the country was irritating to us both.

I had quit my job as a nurse after working in a horrible hospital. I became a data entry person for a while and decided to go back to school to get a degree in computer crap. I got my second degree 25 years after the first. I began teaching, first high school kids and then eventually moved to grade school kids. Our younger son graduated from high school and moved around the country and became the quintessential boomerang baby. His brother had moved to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina after graduating from college.

Once again, we transferred with my husband’s job and ended up in South Carolina. Very convenient and definitely planned. By then both sons were in South Carolina and we were grandparents. Living closer to our only grandchild had allure.

Dick’s company sold off his portion of the business and within a year, he was out of a job. In just a few months, his old company hired him back with all seniority intact. He has since worked out of the house. We have four grandchildren now, two boys and two girls. Our children all live around Hilton Head Island, but our older son just recently moved off-island into his own newly built house.

When we moved to South Carolina, I did not go back to teaching or nursing, but worked at various small jobs. I’m now working part-time for a couple financial advisors. I’m the secretary and get to have fun at work. Dick is hoping to retire soon, some days even sooner.

Those fresh eyed kids grew up and got old. They had a life they never expected with good and bad things happening throughout the decades. We would never have guessed the adventures ahead back in 1973, but it’s been a fun trip overall.

My sweet, darling, patient, kind, funny, loving husband – it’s been worth it. I’m glad we got married, I’m glad we stayed married.

Your loving wife