The clock had the wrong time again. We had just put in a new battery less than a month ago. And yet … once again it was the wrong time.

I know I had the clock when I moved here seven years ago. I’m not sure if I bought it in Elyria or in Maineville, but it was not a new clock. It was also not an expensive clock. It was probably a ten dollar clock and had lasted at least ten years, maybe more. There probably isn’t much more you can expect of a clock.

But it was obviously no longer going to be a faithful timekeeper which is pretty essential for a clock. I went to my paper supply drawer and wrote a note on a stick note paper saying I would buy a new clock on Friday. Dick was upstairs and I was leaving for work (it was later than I had expected – the whole clock without the right time thing there) but I wrote it on the wrong side of the note. Luckily Dick came downstairs just as I was putting the paper up on the clock anyway.

So Friday we went to buy a clock. I wanted another cheap clock because – well, because I’m cheap. We went to Wal-Mart because that is a really good place to get cheap stuff and it the closest store like that to where we live. We stopped at Lowe’s first because it is even closer, but they don’t carry wall clocks. So we got a cute little Better Homes & Gardens clock that had a wire cage with a pendulum in it. It fit perfectly.

We mounted the clock and the pendulum worked just fine. The clock never moved time, but the pendulum worked. Apparently the batteries were enough for the pendulum to keep swinging, but something was wrong with the timekeeping aspect of the clock. Again, this is really essential in a clock. We packaged the clock back up, but removed our two AA batteries first.

We returned the clock to Wal-Mart and then went on to Target. This is a much longer drive but there is no place closer since we live between here and there and not much is around here.

We looked around Target, found a $12.99  clock which is pretty much an upgrade from what we had. It even has a second hand! I mentioned that we should have brought a couple batteries with us, just to test the clock at the store since returning this one would be a real pain.

The first clock needed a Philips head screwdriver to remove it from the box while this one only had handy little flanged screw things holding it to the box. We would have been able to test it in the parking lot without bringing a toolbox with us, but we didn’t plan ahead.

We stopped at World Market and walked around there for a bit and then headed back home.

Now, the moment of truth. We put in a AA battery and hoped. The clock started ticking! Success.

What should have been just a quick trip to pick up a clock ended up being a whole day project. But we now have a kitchen clock that tells the time accurately. And really, who could ask for more from a clock.

PS I looked for pictures of either the clock I returned or the clock I bought. I couldn’t find any online. I’m too lazy to get out the camera, take a picture, load the picture on to my computer, edit it down to size, and post it here. Maybe some other day.