I was speaking with another writer from RGQ the other day. And by that I mean we were exchanging emails, not that we were actually talking, perish the thought.

We were discussing the difficulty of finding something to write about. It is a challenge. Physically writing something isn’t at all difficult. Coming up with a topic is where the problem lies.

Writer’s block is a worldwide phenomenon, at least according to my world encompassing writing forum denizens. Staring at a blank screen, or a blank sheet of paper for those who actually write instead of type, is where the problem starts.

The blankness seems to suck every available thought molecule from the brain and splatter those tiny fragments everywhere. So one has to collect one’s thoughts before even starting with the actual doing part of authorship.

Ideas are not quite as easy to come by. Oh, we writers pretend they are. And when in the right mood, this writer can (and even – has) written about nearly anything.

I could be writing about my new dual screen setup here at my big computer. I could go on for quite some time about this since I really like the way it works and how easy it has made researching while writing. But who would care besides me?

I could write about what I had for breakfast. I had a packet of Back to Nature Wild Blueberry Walnut Granola with Flax Seed and I added some dried cranberries to it. I have to remember not to buy anything with blueberries in it because the chemical globs of dark bluish purple stuff that is supposed to represent a blueberry is just nasty. Not horrible, but I got used to having real dried fruit in my granola and the chemical stew isn’t nearly so good. But again, who would care besides me?

I could write about waking up at the crack of middle of the night. I made a wonderful cup of coffee and waited for dawn to break so I could go out and walk. I finally got dressed for my walk and then let the dog out. It was freaking cold out there. I let the dog back in and simply went off and took a shower. I will have to walk later. Scintillating story, isn’t it?

I could write about tags in clothing. Admittedly, much of the apparel I purchase is of a cheap nature. Many clothing manufacturers have taken to stamping their labels in the backs of the clothes. Good plan. The rest use the crappiest material to print their label and then sew these highly irritating and itchy items into the necks of the garments. I spend an inordinate amount of time cutting labels out of clothes and sometimes it doesn’t work. They don’t actually cut out without ruining the material. Then I have to cover it up with a Band-Aid or I can’t stand wearing the thing.  I base my fashion sense on what doesn’t itch. Again, spellbinding story, right?

I could tell the world how I make salads into a plastic bag because I’m too lazy to bring a plastic container back home after work. If you try this, put the lettuce in the bag last. I have my paper plates at work and put my salad on to my plate and have a wonderful lunch and have nothing to bring back home. Clever, isn’t it?

Most of the things I could write about are simple snippets and not enough for a blog. Which is really sad because I need something to post on my blog.