The hazards of a healthy life-style are rarely spoken of, but they surely exist. I have been walking (successfully since about 13 months old, I’m told). But I have been walking as exercise since last fall. I am a morning person and so I prefer walking first thing in the morning. I like to wake up and get out of the house before I realize what I’m doing.

When it got too cold, I decided to walk after work. I managed to force myself to actually do this once or twice a week. When I am not yet fully awake, I can get out between five and seven times per week. Obviously, being awake and alert is detrimental to my plan.

It finally warmed up again and I could walk first thing in the morning. I would get up, get dressed, get out the door. And then, for some reason known only to lunatics and madmen, we had a time change. I am now waking up before sunrise. I’m even awake before dawn.

If I try to walk in the dark, it is unsafe because 1) I can’t see where I’m going and there is uneven sidewalk out there; and 2) drivers can’t see me since I’m dressed in dark clothes. So I wait until at least dawning light is enough to see and be seen.

This has meant that I have been awake for a while before there is enough light to walk. Yesterday was a case in point. I woke shortly after five and could not fall back to sleep. I didn’t leap right out of bed, but regardless, I was awake.

When dawn finally arrived, I was dressed and ready to go and so out the door I went. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that far down the road when I thought to myself that I might need a bathroom. I ignored myself and kept walking. And then I walked some more.

Finally, I told myself I could no longer ignore myself and I really, really honestly and truly needed a bathroom. But I was walking in a straight line. I was about ¾ of a mile from home before I gave in and turned around. But that meant that I was ¾ of a mile from my bathroom, too.

One would think that with all the news of late, I would know that Mother Nature cannot be ignored. One would think I would have been paying closer attention to biology and intake/output ratios. One might even think that since I’ve been potty trained for almost as long as I’ve been walking, I would know better. One would be wrong.

I hurried myself back home. I hurried myself faster, but walking faster induced a little bump into my gait which exacerbated the need for the bathroom. So I had to find a pace that was quick enough to get me home in time, but not so quick the trip home was going to be to change clothes.

I did, in fact, make it home in time. But just barely.

I hadn’t walked far enough so after proving that I was submissive to Mother Nature and fully potty trained, I once again left the house and made an attempt to finish my walk. I did this successfully as well.

However, with all this excitement, I did not manage to take any pictures on my walk yesterday. It may have been beautiful out there yesterday morning. In fact, more than likely it was beautiful and a lovely morning. I just didn’t have the right frame of mind to enjoy it.