I tend to be a little cavalier about clothing purchases. I try on dresses, slacks, and skirts because they often don’t fit right. But I rarely try on tops – t-shirts, sweaters, or blouses. They usually fit if I’m in the right size and so I just buy what is cute.

The dress in question

Last week, I mentioned to Dick that our dishes were looking pretty nasty. The glazing was cracked and they didn’t shine up as nicely when they were washed, either in the dishwasher or by hand. They were looking ragged.

We bought them after moving down here so they were less than six years old, but they were really cheap. They were a store brand and fairly cheap to begin with and then they were on sale. They were fine for a while, but they had seen better days. So I mentioned that it might be nice to get some new dishes.

I mentioned this in Wal-Mart. We looked at some Corelle dishes but they weren’t what I wanted. Dick mentioned we could go to the outlet mall and see if they had anything better. We went and he looked confused for a while before asking where the Corelle store was. I knew it had moved out of the mall over a year ago. The three other kitchen stores did not carry dishes.

The best part of going to the outlet mall is stopping at Harry & David and we did that and found some great left over holiday things to buy.

On Sunday we went to Target first, then to Ross, on to Pier 1, next to World Market, and finally stopped a Kohl’s where we found dishes. We were on a dishes mission and found some Sonoma dishes on sale – buy one, get one. We got service for eight and paid only for service for four.

But while we were on this mission, you may note that we stopped at Ross. They had lots of clothing marked down. There were racks of suits and dresses as well as other places with slacks and tops. I only stopped at the dresses rack.

They had some really cute sweater dresses. Now, I usually try on a dress, but I don’t usually try on sweaters. I held up the dress and asked Dick how long it was. He said it came to just above my knees. It was a cute dress and it was $17. I got two more dresses, each cheaper than the last and spent $45, including tax, for the three dresses.

I put the $17 dress on this morning. This is the dress I specifically held up and asked Dick how long it was.

It fits wonderfully. I look pretty dang good for an old bat. In fact, I look pretty dang good for a youngster. All the walking and watching what I eat is paying off. I look pretty stunning, cutting a rather nice figure if I do say so myself.

However, and you knew there had to be a however, the dress is short. When I was in high school, I would have gotten kicked out in this dress. When I was in college, I hemmed my dresses and skirts at fingertip level. This is shorter than that when I have my arms straight at my sides.

So I put on black hose and may have to go out in search of something more like black tights. I’m not going to just hang it back up. I am rather impressed with how it doesn’t bulge over what used to be my fat stomach.

I’m not exactly sure how it is going to go with my gray hair, but I’m going to pretend this is what I meant to look like and wear the thing.

I have no idea how long the other two dresses I bought are going to turn out to be. I guess I’m going for a new look.