If I want to think of myself as a writer, one would think I would realize I need to write. I do think of myself as a writer. Therefore, I should write. Something.

But I often look at a blank piece of paper, metaphorically speaking, and shudder. Of course, I am plastering my writing all over the Internet, so I obviously must use a computer at some point. The point at which I personally begin using the computer is the very beginning.

My history blog

When I first started writing Little Bits of History, I wrote it all out on pieces of paper and did my first edit as I typed it into a word document. I’m not sure if this was truly helpful or not, but I do know it took more time. I don’t remember exactly when I began typing it into the word document without ever committing it to paper. I can look back at my years of writing, and I don’t see a particular point where the writing seriously deteriorated. Therefore, I can only surmise it wasn’t all that helpful.

The second option is, of course, that with practice, I got better and didn’t need the pen and paper and was secure enough to just sit down with my word document on one half of the monitor and the various resources opened on the other half of the monitor.

Whatever the situation was, it is lost to me now. I may have been running out of my special paper and so opted to just type. That doesn’t seem a bit like me as I usually have a stock of any routine supply and am very rarely in danger of running out of anything. If truth be known, I’m often over stocked.

I do know that I now read, assimilate, go back and forth between my sources, and then begin to type. I write out what I hope are interesting little tidbits about our collective past history. I hope I can not only educate, but entertain as well.

If I want to truly educate and entertain, I have to offer something new and different to my audience, such as it is. On my computer are two complete volumes of Little Bits of History. Volume one is posted to my blog and volume three is posted at Examiner.com. Volume two is what I’m currently working with.

I did learn with the first volume, that it would work best if I at least got topics lined up and did some preliminary research on them for every single date. However, I only wrote three out of seven essays so they could be posted to RGQ.

Instead of filling in the other four, I just ignored the whole thing and began working on volume three. I did write the entire 366 essays for that volume, which came in really handy when I was posting daily at Examiner.

I began volume four and lost interest in the entire project. I just didn’t care anymore. I still liked learning the stories we rarely, if ever, hear about. I did write about some major events, too. But I liked to write about the quirky things that happened on a date, something entirely unexpected, something we never knew – or at least, I never knew. But without a way to actually make reasonable payment, it seemed like I was simply spinning my wheels.

I stopped writing. I totally stopped writing history essays and I wrote very little else, too. I even read less. I just got in a snit and decided to shun words, it would seem. However, my family will attest that I never did so much shunning as to actually stop speaking, too.

As I headed toward the new year, I began to think of the unfinished volume two. I needed something fresh for my blog. I know I am giving away my writing for free. I suppose I could begin placing some ads on the site and make a minimal amount of money for my writing. However, I believe that would be more distracting than it is worth. I don’t get that many hits and I would rather not chase people away. I don’t know how much control over ads the author holds and I despise pop-ups and pop-unders to the point of rather giving things away than annoying readers with these abominations.

No matter what my rate of pay isn’t, I still need fresh content. So I have to write again. I’m not nearly as disciplined as I used to be. I’m also writing more on the fly than I used to. I would have essays done, print them out, be able to proofread long after they were written (which allowed me to make sure I wasn’t omitting needed detail), and have them a little more polished before posting.

But, on the bright side, I’m writing again. At least I’m back at the keyboard. And even more astounding, I’m reading again, too. My love of language apparently waited patiently for me to return and use my words again.