I’m casting about for a topic. Once I get a topic, I usually have no problem writing something. As noted in my last post, once I have a topic, I may not stay with it, but it does tend to give me a least a place to start. Starting is good.

Ah, yes. Selecting a topic

Right now, I can’t think of anything to write about. I’m sitting at work and stalled in my current task as I’m a bit confused by something. I have as much done as I can manage on my own and I don’t really expect anybody to appear and help clear up my confusion any time soon.

Boss B has been in South Africa for quite a while now. He left on December 6 and had a heck of a time actually getting to the Dark Continent. His first flight out of Charleston was cancelled and the cascading events made all other flights impossible. It took nearly 40 hours from the time he was supposed to leave until he and his bride actually arrived in South Africa.

I just spoke with him. He called in to see how things were going and as far as I know, everything is still running along without a problem. He somehow managed to hook up his phone number via a number of other connections to a phone in South Africa. So when we need to call him, we dial his Charleston phone number and when he calls here, it shows as his regular number.

I had to ask where he was. He was still in South Africa. They are leaving on January 6 and are expecting to be back home on January 7. That is, unless there is more excitement with his trip. The weather there was spectacular and his Christmas was spent in 85 degree weather, no humidity, and enjoying himself tremendously.

Technology is our friend, I suppose. It is amazing that we can move about the planet at such a rapid rate. I’m sure Christopher Columbus would be amazed at the speed with which one can travel between the Old World and the New. Slave trader ships with their terrible toll on life as packed slaves were crammed into cargo holds would have loved a shorter trip if for no other reason than the loss of valuable cargo would have been lessened.

The varying degrees of instant communication is also remarkable. I had e-mail from Boss B in my inbox this morning. I had a phone call from him this morning. There was a bit of delay as the sounds traveled half way around the world, but honestly, wouldn’t the world have a much different history if this type of communication was available eons ago? Can you imagine the Founding Fathers getting away with all the stuff they did if the King and Parliament knew about it from Tweets?

I am sitting here typing and will soon end. I will then take this text, move it over to WordPress and then, miraculously, publish it. I will then be given the opportunity to share it with Facebook and perhaps some of my friends from My Writers Circle will look over. My words could, theoretically, travel around the world in mere moments.

Now, if I just had something to write about …